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Each region in France has its own version of daube and the ingredients used depend largely on what is available, but generally it is a rich, wine–based beef stew. Traditionally, a daube is cooked in a deep earthenware daubière(though any casserole will do), and the meat is simmered for 4–5 hours. Unlike many stews, in which the meat is first browned, the beef is cut into cubes and left to marinate in red wine, garlic and herbs, with orange peel added as an aromatic. Shin of beef or lamb is popular for this dish, or any other cut with connective tissue as this breaks down to give a rich gravy. A pig’s trotter or a piece of pork rind may be added as flavouring. Garnishes for a daube include caramelized onions, fried mushrooms, prunes or black olives. To cook en daube describes a method of braising meat.