Candied Fruit

To make candied fruit, pieces of fruit are soaked in a heavy sugar syrup. The syrup gradually replaces the water in the fruit, preserving it and making it sweet. Because the process is so time consuming, whole candied fruit can be quite expensive. Candied peel, usually from a fruit such as orange, lemon or citron, is mostly used as an ingredient, often in cakes: as decoration (pictured below); or pieces of orange peel can be dipped in chocolate and eaten as confectionery. Candied peel is sold both as pieces and chopped mixed peel. Use candied fruit to decorate fruit cakes; mix into dough for breads such as panettone; in biscuits; in desserts such as cassata; or fold into vanilla ice cream or mascarpone and freeze. In Italy, candied fruit may be eaten at the end of a meal, served with a liqueur. Store in an airtight container or the fruit will soften.

Special Note

Also known as—crystallized fruit, glacé fruit, preserved fruit