Bush Tucker

Bush tucker is the native food of Australia, eaten by the indigenous Australians for thousands of years, and includes seasonal fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, meat, fish and grubs such as the witchetty grub. Bush tucker was largely ignored by the first European settlers to Australia and it has only been in recent years that bush tucker is beginning to find a place in Australian cuisine. Bunya nuts are the nut of the native pine tree. The aborigines boiled or baked them in their shells and ate them like chestnuts, but they may also be added to quiches or stews. Wild rosellas have a tart berry flavour and may be used in sauces or pie fillings. Lemon myrtle leaf can be used like kaffir lime leaves. Use to flavour fish or chicken. Lemon aspen fruit has a tart citrus flavour. Use to flavour desserts, or chop and add to pizza toppings. Paperbark is used to wrap fish and meat before cooking. Other bush tucker includes quandongs, a small tart fruit used in desserts and sauces; riberries, small red berries, used like redcurrants; and wild limes.

Special Note

Also known as — bush food, native produce