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Beef refers to the meat of cattle such as heifers, cows, bullocks and bulls that have been raised and fattened for meat production. The quality of the beef varies according to breed, diet and farming technique. Specialist beef, such as organic, grass–fed or Shimotun beef from Kobe in Japan (reared on beer and grains and massaged daily) produce higher–quality meat than mass–produced beef reared on grain. Often beef is hung for 2–3 weeks to allow it to mature in flavour and become more tender (in countries such as in South America, beef is eaten freshly killed). Prime cuts of beef are more expensive and have been aged to improve both flavour and texture, while cuts for stewing are sold younger. Classic beef dishes include beef Wellington, boeuf bourguignonne, beef en croute, roast beef, goulash and beef Stroganoff.

Special Note

Beef goes with — Asian vegetables, capers, carrot, celeriac, celery, cheese, garlic, gherkin, herbs, horseradish, mustard, olive, parsnip, potato