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Baked Beans

Baked beans are made from haricot beans cooked in a tomato sauce. The recipe is a derivation of the original Boston baked beans, a traditional American dish made using haricot beans cooked in a sauce of molasses, sugar, salt pork and mustard (some versions add onions and spices). In America, the haricot bean is called the navy bean, so called because it has been a staple of the US navy since the 1800s. Baked beans are widely recognized as being a good source of fibre and protein. The tinned version is popular and makes a handy snack when heated and served on toast or serve them at breakfast with sausages and eggs. They are a quick and convenient food for campers—heat on the fire and eat from the tin. Home–made baked beans don’t often give the same result as the tinned version because the beans used by manufacturers are grown to have a tender skin.