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Baker basics: How to get started as a home baker
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Baker basics: How to get started as a home baker

Bake Off has taken the world by storm – and we’re all head over heels in love with baking. But do you know the basics? Before you get started on your mille-feuille, macarons, or madeleines, read this handy guide.

6 fun things you didn't know about Paul Hollywood

3 minute read

Ahead of the reveal of Paul Hollywood's four-part baking biopic, A Baker's Life, we count down a few fun facts about the blue-eyed Great British Bake Off judge.

Dark kitchens: what are they and what do they mean for you?

5 minute read

Dark kitchens are changing the way your food gets delivered.

What is Australia's favourite pizza?

1 minute read

Hint: It's not ham and pineapple.

Royal updates and sugar gene news: The weekend news wrap

3 minute read

Royal baby due date revealed, Harry and Meghan choose a wedding photographer and a new study about the sweet tooth gene that you need to read to believe. These are just three things you might have missed while you powered down over the weekend.

Classic cocktails and all that jazz: How to spend 24 hours in New Orleans

4 minute read

If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans, this is the travel guide you’ll want to follow.

Home grown heroes: Three Australian native ingredients you need to know

3 minute read

From finger lime to Kakadu plum, and a pink berry called quandong – bush tucker is appearing in everything from face wash to gin and on the menus of our top restaurants. Here are three of our favourite local heroes.

Meet the original British domestic goddess

2 minute read

Long before Nigella Lawson blazed onto screens, Hannah Glasse was inspiring home cooks throughout the world.

6 delicious recipes to dish up for Easter lunch

2 minute read

As the Autumn weather kicks in, it's time to feast on full, hearty flavours over a long Easter lunch.

Bake Off recap: And the winner is...

1 minute read

Spoiler alert! After nine weeks of whisking, whipping and whacky creations, the Bake Off Grand Final is upon us. It’s Barb vs. Claudia vs. Dave in an epic baking battle to determine Australia’s greatest amateur baker.

Maggie Beer's 5 unmissable baking tips

3 minute read

From the type of flour you choose to the emotion poured into each bake, Maggie Beer shares her top five baking tips.