Latest Food News & Cooking Trends


OAK have released a brand new milk flavour – Jam Ball Donut!

1 minute read

The snack Gods have been giving us lots to be thankful for this year.

Smith's Chips release not one, but two new duo flavours!

1 minute read

If you’re a fan of a flavoured chip, this might just be the news you’ve been waiting for!

Woolworths announce changes to their Hot Roast Chicken range

1 minute read

You can’t go past a Woolies roast chicken and now the family favourite is about to get a little fancier.

KitKat Mcflurrys are now available at Maccas!

1 minute read

The humble KitKat is getting a makeover in the form of a Maccas Mcflurry!

Allen's release new OAK-inspired Milk Bottle lolly flavours

1 minute read

The classic Allen’s Milk Bottles lollies are getting a shake up with new flavours on the way!

Chef reveals how to pick the right potato for every dish - have you been doing it wrong?

3 minute read

Have you been picking the right spuds for your meal?

Mum shares ‘world’s best cheesecake’ recipe and we’re drooling!

2 minute read

We're officially commencing our winter diet - and we'll start with this.

The delicious air-fryer curry recipe that's dividing the internet

2 minute read

It looks like there’s nothing you can’t make in the air-fryer! But as one woman discovered, there is some controversy about how you cook in it.

ALDI reveal incredible sale on beer - prices start at just $3.99!

2 minute read

ALDI has revealed their latest Special Buys Liquor sale – and it's going to be huge.