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This artist is changing the rules of baking with 3D printed cakes
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This artist is changing the rules of baking with 3D printed cakes

Baking has always been understood as a precise science, but architect turned pastry chef Dinara Kasko is breaking baking boundaries with her mathematical 3D printed cakes.

Indulge me: Are these Australia's 5 most decadent desserts?

Easter equals indulgence, right? From KitKat doughnut fries to sea salt soft served in a cloud of fairy floss, which of these outrageous treats would you be willing to try?

Bake Off recap: Celebrate food times!

From wedding cakes, to mince pies, Christmas pudding, and hot cross buns - this week it's all about those special celebration bakes.

Bake Off recap: British Week!

Polish those crown jewels and round up the corgis, it’s British Week on The Great Australian Bake Off!

Delicious sugar, gluten and dairy-free desserts everyone will love

Here's how to make a delicious dairy-free dessert for your next dinner party.

Bake Off recap: Bigger, better, batter

You batter be ready for Batter Week on Bake Off! No waffling on here: the Signature Challenge is 12 sweet or savoury waffles with toppings to match, and our bakers are feeling it.

How to match your beer to your meal

We match our wine to our meals, so why not pair our beer?

Rick Stein's new show coming to Lifestyle Food

Much-loved chef Rick Stein returns to Lifestyle Food with his new series, Rick Stein's Road to Mexico.

Would you eat meat grown in a lab?

Lab-grown meat or 'cultured' meat is the scientific solution to the environmental and food related problems faced by our planet and people.

Is coffee cupping the new wine tasting?

Our obsession with coffee is becoming a greater part of our lives, meaning professional tasting techniques are starting to pique the interest of amateurs.

Is Icelandic skyr the new Greek yoghurt?

What is skyr? Find out about the new Icelandic yoghurt substitute that everyone is talking about.