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Nigella Lawson shares her incredibly easy Nutella cake recipe
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Nigella Lawson shares her incredibly easy Nutella cake recipe

When Nigella makes any dessert you know it’s going to be good – but add some Nutella to the mix and you’ve got a show-stopper!

‘I’m happy at last’: Nigella Lawson reveals how she's finally found happiness

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We all assume we know Nigella Lawson, but there's more to her than meets the eye.

Shoppers rush to Kmart as sell-out $20 Churros Maker is re-stocked

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When Kmart released the popular kitchen appliance it flew off shelves, now it’s back in stock.

Cake boss star Buddy Valastro involved in ‘terrible’ accident

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The star will require “"prolonged recovery and therapy" after injuring his hand.

The Great British Bake Off Winners: Where are they now?

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Where are they now? Some of the winner's new ventures may surprise you!

ALDI is selling Cookie Butter Spread as good as Biscoff and its flying off shelves

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Shoppers have discovered the store’s latest Special Buy and it's delicious.

You can now get Chocolate Milkshake Beer in Australia!

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The humble chocolate milkshake is getting a shake up!

Krispy Kreme release three limited edition Oreo doughnuts

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No need to twist it, but let's dunk it!

OAK flavoured milk bottles have launched – here’s where to get them!

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The little flavour-filled lollies have finally hit supermarket shelves!