Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Put A Recipe Onto The Site?

    To upload a recipe to the new site and be on the way to becoming your very own celebrity chef simply make sure you are a member to the site and are logged in. Then simply click on the "UPLOAD A RECIPE" image located in the right hand side of the site or click on the RECIPES button in the navigation panel, then select "submit a recipe". Why not add a photo of your dish so others can get a feel for how the finished dish should look.

  • How Do I Save A Recipe To My Cookbook?

    On every recipe on the site you will find the following icon:Save to My Cookbook to the right of the ingredients list. Simply be logged in as a member and click this icon to save the recipe to your profile. You can even start collections of recipes to make finding them easier like BBQ IDEAS, SUMMER SALADS, SEAFOOD, CHICKEN etc. Simply type the name of the collection you would like to start then click save. When you visit you profile page you should see the recipes appear on your page so it's always there when you need it.