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Maggie Beer's 5 unmissable baking tips
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Maggie Beer's 5 unmissable baking tips

From the type of flour you choose to the emotion poured into each bake, Maggie Beer shares her top five baking tips.

We've got the recipes for Maggie Beer's all-time favourite bakes

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Maggie beer shares her top three favourite baking recipes. From savoury to sweet, why not try one of Maggie's favourites this weekend.

Bake Off recap: British Week!

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Polish those crown jewels and round up the corgis, it’s British Week on The Great Australian Bake Off!

Bake Off recap: Free from week

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Put your cows away and get ready to indulge in a Signature Challenge with a difference: dairy-free fruit tarts.

Bake Off recap: Bigger, better, batter

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You batter be ready for Batter Week on Bake Off! No waffling on here: the Signature Challenge is 12 sweet or savoury waffles with toppings to match, and our bakers are feeling it.

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Looking for some meal inspiration for the family? Try these Donna Hay dinner recipes for kids!

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It's summer which means it's time to celebrate fresh produce and delicious salads – what could be better?

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Peeling prawns can be messy work. Here’s how to get the job done right.

6 simple salads that make the perfect Christmas sides

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Vibrant summer salads are the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas feast.

Nigella Lawson: Cooking at home without the razzle dazzle

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Nigella Lawson is a true home cook at heart.

Three delicious ways to cook your ham this Christmas

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Whether you are planning a traditional, modern or a quintessential Aussie Christmas, a ham always goes down a treat.