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How to Cover a Round Cake
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How to Cover a Round Cake

Did you know that round cakes are the easiest to cover? Learn how with Paris Cutler's top tips to covering round cakes.

How to Cover a Square Cake

Discover how to cover a square cake with these 4 top tips.

How to Cover a Shaped Cake

Learn to cover shaped cakes with these handy tips from Planet Cake's, Paris Cutler.

How to Cover a Complex Cake

Covering a complex cake will always be different depending on the design, it is very important that you have had experience in covering a round, square and shaped cake as you will be using all of your knowledge to cover a complex shape.

How to Make Coloured Fondant

Add an abundance of colour to your next cake with these handy tips and tricks for coloured fondant.

How To Make Sugar Flowers

Learn to make sugar flowers like the pros, with these tips from Planet Cake's, Paris Cutler.

Top Tips for Smooth Surfaces and Sharp Edges

Paris Cutler reveals her top tips for using fondant to create smooth surfaces and sharp edges.

Top Tips for Royal Icing

Take a look at Paris Cutler's expert tips for using royal icing.

Piping Tips from Paris

Get Paris Cutler's top tips for piping! There's information on equipment and materials, piping design and more.

Top 10 Tips for Fondant Icing

Take a look at these top tips from Planet Cake's Paris Cutler on decorating with fondant icing.

Using Styrofoam and Centre Poles

When making huge cakes it just doesn't make sense to always use just cake. Not only is it a waste to use five times the amount of cake that’s required to feed the guests, but cake is heavy, and a lot of cake is REALLY heavy! So Styrofoam is a perfect swap for cake.