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How to turn leftovers into all-new recipes
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How to turn leftovers into all-new recipes

Are leftovers common inhabitants of your fridge? If you're on a mission to reduce food waste, here are five easy ways to give some love to last night's meal and turn it into a brand new (and delicious) dish.

5 international bread recipes you need to bake

Take your carbohydrate cravings on a round-the-world trip with these delicious recipes from Paul Hollywood's City Bakes season two.

4 incredible cake recipes from all around the world

In Paul Hollywood City Bakes, we're treated to a slice of cake everywhere from Los Angeles, through to Jerusalem, and over to Dublin. Try these delicious recipes at home!

Raise a glass: Champagne pairs best with French fries

Forget oysters and caviar, champagne with hot chips is the unlikely coupling that will change your life. Pop a bottle and pre-heat your oven, here are our favourite chip recipes to try with bubbles tonight.

It's International Hummus Day! Will you give chickpeas a chance?

May 13 is International Hummus Day, a tribute to the dip that has been pleasing the masses since the 13th century.

How to throw a fabulous - and fuss free - dinner party

Masterchef Australia alum - and Philips Kitchen Appliances ambassador - Callum Hann shares his top tips for throwing a successful dinner party without breaking a sweat.

12 Mother's Day recipe ideas she'll really love

From breakfast in bed to coffee and cake, a long lunch or a delicious roast dinner—we've got you covered this Mother's Day.

Paul Hollywood's best British-style bakes

Paul Hollywood has a knack for pastry, pies, and puddings. As cooler weather approaches, we've gathered the British master baker's best hearty recipes.

Baker basics: How to get started as a home baker

Bake Off has taken the world by storm – and we’re all head over heels in love with baking. But do you know the basics? Before you get started on your mille-feuille, macarons, or madeleines, read this handy guide.

6 fun things you didn't know about Paul Hollywood

Ahead of the reveal of Paul Hollywood's four-part baking biopic, A Baker's Life, we count down a few fun facts about the blue-eyed Great British Bake Off judge.

Can eating pasta help you lose weight?

Scientists discover indulging in our favourite carb can actually help curb our waistlines.