Paul West Articles


Top Tips for Using and Caring for your Knives

3 minute read

Are your knife skills up to scratch? Paul offers a few tips to improve your time in the kitchen.

How to Shuck Oysters

3 minute read

Paul West shows us how to enjoy an oyster that is freshly shucked from the shell.

The Benefits of Community Gardens

2 minute read

Learn the benefits of becoming involved in a community garden in your town or city.

Grow Your Own Bush Foods

2 minute read

Paul West learns from the experts on the benefits of bush foods and how to incorporate them into the River Cottage kitchen.

Tips For Coastal Foraging

4 minute read

Get some top tips for coastal foraging for Octopus, Lobster, and Mussels.

How to Joint a Chicken: Step-by-Step

3 minute read

Paul West gives a step by step guide on how to joint a chicken.

Raising and Processing Animals for Consumption

2 minute read

Paul West gets some tips from the experts on how to humanely raise and process his farm animals.

Nose to Tail Eating

2 minute read

Find out more about the Nose to Tail eating philosophy.

Top Tips for Keeping Chickens at Home

2 minute read

Here are Paul West’s tips for caring for your chickens in your backyard.

How to Make Cow Poo Brew

2 minute read

Discover the natural benefits of a liquid compost and fertiliser.