Paul West Articles


How to Cook Lavosh

1 minute read

Learn how to make your own at home and cook along with Paul!

How to Make Sea Salt Water

1 minute read

Making your very own sea salt couldn’t be easier. Paul shows us how!

How to Make Rye Bread

1 minute read

Rye bread is easy to make, stays fresh for days and is packed with flavour!

How to Make Goats Curd

1 minute read

Learn how simple it is to make goat's curd!

How to Make Your Own Coldframe

1 minute read

Want to keep growing your greens well into winter? The easiest solution is to build your very own cold frame.Paul west shows us how above!

Deep Littering your Chicken Coop

1 minute read

Deep littering is a system where the ‘bed’ of your chickens’ enclosure is used to create compost that can then be used for your garden. Paul West explains al

Planting in Small Spaces

2 minute read

You don’t need a huge plot of land to grow your own food – there are plenty of ways to plant in small spaces!

Beginner's Guide to Companion Planting

1 minute read

Learn some examples of companion planting matches!

How To: Recycled Garden Bench

2 minute read

You can make a whole range of furniture from recycled materials. Paul West shows us how!

Paul West at the Markets: Moruya

4 minute read

Paul West takes you on a tour of the Moruya markets.