Paul West Articles


10 Basic Tools Every Gardener Needs

3 minute read

Want to get into gardening? You'll need these 10 basic tools to get you started!

Bruce's Award Winning Plum Jam Recipe

3 minute read

Bruce is a jam enthusiast to say the least. Here he fills us in on the secret to making a delicious jam or preserve.

What To Feed Your Farm Animals

3 minute read

Feeding your animals a complete and balanced diet is essential if they are to stay healthy and lay a lot of eggs or provide fresh milk for you and your family! Paul West shares his expert tips.

How to Make Green Manure

2 minute read

Paul West shows you a low-cost way to improve the fertility of your soil using organic matter.

How To Build a Perfect Winter Campfire

5 minute read

Nothing beats an evening sitting by a warm campfire under the stars. This step-by-step guide from Paul West will provide you with all the must-know information on how to create a cosy and safe winter campfire.

How To Build a Recycled Timber Apple Box

1 minute read

Transform old timber into a revived, smart-looking apple box so you can collect your seasonal goodies! Follow Paul West's handy How To guide.

Paul West's Guide to Growing Greens

3 minute read

Host of River Cottage Australia, Paul West, shares his expert advice to help you plant and enjoy greens at home.

Paul West at the Pyrmont Festival!

3 minute read

Take a closer look at Paul West's visit to the annual Pyrmont Festival in Sydney and get his delicious recipe for Wagyu Meatballs!.

Book Launch Tour With Paul West!

2 minute read

Paul West will be hosting book launch events up and down the East Coast!

Building a Solar Dryer

1 minute read

All you need is a simple homemade frame and the sun!