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Hey, my name is Laura.

Hey, my name is Laura. I am a budding young 15 year old chef, who loves to cook. You might be saying, 'yeah right, she wouldnt know how to cook', but take a look at my recipes, and see that I actually know what I am doing. I am all about constructive criticizm, but not destructive criticizm. My recipes that I put on here are ones that I love, and hope that if you cook, you will love too. Most of my recipes are child proof, and kids should be involved while you are cooking, they love to see the end result of something that they have made, and put effort into, trust me, I loved helping mum as a kid, and she loved it too. Oh, and for those of you who know a bit about me, since I was last on, my mother and I may have secured a publishing deal, with my uncle, a food writer, who has so far written two articles on our mother daughter business. So fingers crossed..... Enjoy Cooking my fellow friends, THINK! CREATE! ENJOY!

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Posted by eatdrinkMIReport
Thanks for the comments Laura, I hope to get many more recipes up here in the future and some pics to go with them. I've literally got a box full of pieces of paper where I've scribbled down recipes from here, there and everywhere.
Good luck in your pursuit of becoming a pastry chef, I still get a bit scared tackling some of the desert recipes in my collection so hats off to you for following your passion, I really admire young people such as yourself setting clear goals for their future.
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
saw ur comment on my page dear.. that's great .. so if anyones asks me where they can find any of the ingredients there in Sydney, I'll come back to you then my dear ;-)
If there's anything not clear in any recipe, just write to me here so i can see it.. cz comments on recipes don't show in News or Nibbles always
Posted by hungry girlReport
The recipes look great Laura ... Welcome to the site!
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
just saw u are an aspiring photog..... so u should be fine if they are ur pics.
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
hey laura, good girl putting recipes up!!!! they look cool too!
just a bit of advice, if u didnt take the pics yourself of your food (aka, borrowed from the net) watch out cause i got busted from people (without a life) complaining that i had "stolen" images and yeah just a bit of advice. the meringue one is a bit obvious thats all... it sucks, i reckon u should be able to put whatever u want but it is illegal to borrow, even if just for representational purposes :)
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
whenever I open the site and see u posting new recipes, it makes my day .. I feel so happy to see young people like ur self, doing great job in cooking .. most people ur age don't know what kitchen means :-D .. most of my friends used to b so when we were in school and collage..
I'll recommend u to my friends as an encouragement from my side to keep up the good work :-)
and by the way , I just love the shots u've taken.. I love photography as well, I try my best but I'm still so far from getting great pic as urs..I think u'll have 2 careers :-D
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
Hi Laura .. I was so happy when i read ur profile, I encourage u really to follow ur passion and do what u like and ur good in .. and i'll be waiting to see u a famous pastry chef in France, and will want to take some recipes from u ;-)
Keep up the good work..u got my thumbs up for u ;-)