Celebrity Chef Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham

Celebrity Chef

Queenslanders Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker sold 2.5 million print copies of their self-published 4 Ingredients recipe book.

Kim McCosker

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Posted by Report
hola rachel y kim mi nombre es mirt estuve viendo su programa y me gusto mucho batalle para encontrar esta pagina como no tienen idea afortunadamente pues se un poco de ingles y ni se me dificulta mucho traducir las recetas pero seria mas facil que tuvieran un portal donde estuvieran las recetas en español. las felicito y gracias por hacer mas facil la cocina.. thank you very much i loved you program kiss
Posted by Terry&barbraReport
i think you 2 ladies (ROCK) i am just starting to try my hand to give my cook a break & i love your easy recipes for a old bloke love your show girls keep rocking it;s great
Posted by StuJenReport
I think Tiny Dancer and Cooking Mama have hit the nail on the head........and its easy to get a recipe of the back of a can of tomatoe soup and put it in a book. Unfortunatley I didnt think of it first. $$$$$$$
Posted by Dawn2Report
I have a grandson with nut and egg allergies, what can I use in rissoles in place of eggs
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
i think they cheat, and its just a fad to sell books and what not. They dont have any recipies that a child of 3 couldnt come up with. For instance, gluten free eggs bennedict. Its not 4 ingredients if you need to MAKE hollandaise sauce and BUY muffins, its cheating and wrong and it should be axed. Its for total dummies in the kitchen, who needs directions on how to make a sandwhich????
some of the "recipies" ive seen, OMG ridiculous. I cant believe you're on TV
Posted by NB2Report
Also for the ones that asked you can get their recipes on the Lifestyle Channel website (www.lifestylechannel.com.au) not Lifestyle Food website
Posted by NB2Report
I agree with cooking mama, this is quite sad to see on tv. I cannot believe that they were on "Market Kitchen" in the UK a few weeks ago. I think it's ok that they came out with the books but please it's quite distressing to watch on tv and enough with the beach scenes that are shown every 2 mins... PLEASE!!
I congratulate them for their success though but I think they'd do really well in the States as most people there are in the habit of buying things that come from bottles, jars, and packets...which their recipes are mostly based on.
Posted by Hot ChilliReport
Have to say I really don't like this show or their concept. To me a meal with four ingredients is not a nutritional option for my family. I like to have at least 4 different veges (incorporated in the main dish and on the side) along with a protein and carb. Their meals just don't make sense to me. May as well just heat up a jar of spaghetti sauce and add some cooked pasta. That is about all they are doing in my opinion.
Posted by Jill26Report
I usually watch your show when in bed and think that I will remember your recipes, which I don't. I joined Lifestyle food just to catch up with you. When you were in Lismore recently I missed you as I was up the Gold Coast. Everyone that went totally enjoyed your show.Loved the show that your Mum was in..Best of luck.