Celebrity Chef Janella Purcell

Celebrity Chef

Janella Purcell is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, iridologist and chef.

Janella Purcell is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, iridologist and chef.

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Your Guide to Chia Seeds

4 minute read

There are so many super foods on the market these days it’s no wonder so many of us are confused about nutrition. So what’s the deal with chia seeds?

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

9 minute read

These foods are just so good for our digestion, easy, cheap and quick to make that it makes no sense not to include them in your diet. 'All Disease Begins in The Gut' - Hippocrates


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Posted by Nikki127906Report
Hi Janella,
I love your work.
Can you advise of the best cookware for all cooking?
pans, baking etc?
Posted by Malcolm22Report
CAn anyone find Janelle's recipe for Spicy Pumpkin and Prawn Soup so that I can print
Posted by jackabeenaReport
Hi Janella, I love watching your show I can't cook but your recipes are so healthy & fantastic I'm really going to try. Thank you very much
Posted by Wendy Report
Hi Janella, I found your show fantastic , my partner and I are in our late 30's and we both are 150KG+++ we both are diabetic T2, high BP, Cerculation problems and he has gout, So we are wanting to change our lifestyle and you show is great way to get knowledge love the reciepes would love to hear or see more tips on what benifits different foods have on our body on the show or your website . Great show Thanks again
Posted by Christy2Report
Hi I have been watching your Show with Gary and have enjoyed both your receipies. Made your Tofu Cheese cake and Gary's Apple Dumplings...Yummmy I'm now hooked on watching.
Posted by Kerry309Report
Hi Janella, I bought your book the other day and have tried a few recipes. I just have a question about the Dahl recipe. I found that it was quite overpowering with the spice. I'm wondering if it should have read 1 tsp instead of 1 tbsp each of cumin, turmeric and garam masala. It's probably a taste thing for each individual but I found it to be quite heavy in the spice taste. Also, I needed to add another cup of stock as the mung dahl took at least an hour instead of 30 mins to cook as it was quite bitey instead of soft. The Mini Spring Roll recipe was beautiful and a real hit. One small step I was unsure of was after you add the "noodles, coriander leaves and cabbage. Stir well." do you turn off the heat before you add this step or leave it to cook and for how long? What I did was turn the heat off and let the heat cook the last 3 ingredients. Just thought I'd say this point was not clear in the recipe.
Posted by mel5by5Report
So sad janella is not returning to GCBC this year, maybe it's time for janella to host her own show on health and nutrition. As lifestyle diseases are epidemic in this country, this type of educational, informative approach is a much needed service. (It's working we'll for Dr Oz)
People who do not want to learn or change bad habits, do not have to watch.
Janella hope to see you with some fresh new recipes on the tv in 2012, until then can't wait for your new book and will continue watching GCBC on lifestyle food.
Posted by MistyCueReport
I never usually sign up to websites etc to prevent spam. However, i felt i had to say something in regards to Janellas attitude on Good Chef Bad Chef.

Her constant snide remarks, smug facial expressions and condescending attitude toward her fellow chefs have been enough for me to grow a hate for the show! Yes, her recipes are extremely informative, but i find myself ignoring and questioning everything she has to say because of my general dislike for her!

I genuinely feel for Adrian, as he cooks some amazing foods. But if they don't follow Janellas standard of cooking, she puts him down! I was over hearing her on the TV, and Adrian was adding oil to a pan and she proceeds to say: "Yes, add more fats! This is what you would do if you want to get fat!". Adrian then says "yes well i don't mind" and he continues to cook. She rolls her eyes at him and frankly, i don't see how he can put up with it much longer! SHUTUP WOMAN!!

Thank you!
Posted by Report
You are terrible....! horrible in fact
Posted by Rick93Report
your comments are those of an immature person please watch with your mother or other mature person