Celebrity Chef Iain Hewitson

Celebrity Chef

"The flavour I like is the flavour you can get through simple ingredients, and without having to scatter pickled duck's bums or three tons of caviar on the top,"

Iain Hewitson was born in Otaki, New Zealand, in 1948 and, for over 38 years, has been a Chef/ Restaurateur in both Australia and New Zealand.

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Posted by Mark123Report
hes *** no idea full of his own importance and no reason to be
Posted by SD8Report
I think you are a great cook. Quick and easy to make also not that expensive. If you could put the ingredients up for us it will be great. thanks for sharing your great skills with us. If at home i will wtch your show
Posted by brunumbReport
Huey is very clumsy and so many of his presentations are clearly unrehearsed. He comes across as rather unprofessional in that regard. Then he waffles on waaaay too much. I have to admit that many of his dishes are simple and enticing, but he is too irritating to watch for very long.
Posted by jackicamReport
If he was someone with Rick Stein's professionalism or Gordon Ramsay's reputation then I'll gladly pay $$$$ for his recipes - but he's not. In fact, no where near it. I can't stand watching him. I have to turn off the sound cause I don't wanna have to listen to him rave on about totally irrelevant B#@%&#@T!!! His food is so ordinary that it's almost insulting that he thinks we're stupid enough to want to pay for it. All I have to do is go out and buy a copy of New Idea or Woman's Day to get the equivalent.
Posted by SnackycakeReport
I love Huey!! He makes recepies that us normal folk are more likely to cook than some of the other chefs around and uses ingredients that easy to find.
Posted by Helena34Report
It would be wonderful if Iain actually said hello to his television audience.
Posted by Report
I have just found out that Huey is back on TV again today. I am over the moon to hear about that as I have really missed his shows. I think that he cooks a lot of nice things which I think are mouth watering. I am looking forward to seeing him again.
Posted by Report
I noticed that they have changed the format of these sites. It does look good and at least I can know read the comments properly. At first I thought that they had deleted everything and was starting off with new comments. I am also looking forward to seeing Huey back on TV next month. He has been away for quite some time and I really missed him. Hopefully when he comes back, there will be some more comments on this site.
Posted by Report
Hooray, I just found out that Huey will be back on TV in August. I have really missed him as I think that he is great. I know he might get a bit annoying at times, but I think that he is trying to brighten up his show with a bit of comedy. Huey is great.
Posted by Report
I had a big laugh when I read Karen's comment about her friend calling her cat Huey because he is fussy. I have a friend who named her cat Gordon, after Gordon Ramsay as he spits at everyone. He certainly is a very cranky cat.