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I'm a home cook that likes to explore and try anything and everything i see, im inspired by other cooks, chefs, fresh food, and spices.

I'm a home cook that likes to explore and try anything and everything i see, im inspired by other cooks, chefs, fresh food, and spices. I love colour and height. I love cooking stores like House and Robins Kitchen and i think targets cooking and appliance section is rad! i get heart palpatations in chefs warehouses!!! Of couse i would like to pursue cooking as a job but im not sure where i fit in... I am currently working on jams, relishes, chutneys, sauces and marinades for the local farmers marjet and i might even go further than there if they are well recieved... no complaints so far... Im a new mum of a beautiful baby girl and have a wonderful husband with a happy tummy.... My interests in cooking began early like alot of people, watching older family members cook and then i started collectiong cookbooks and becoming more addicted to cooking shows on tv. by age 10-12 i was cooking the nightly dinner for my mother, sister and myself and it all went from there. the interest and the love got bigger and bigger. I am into food photography, doing a small course soon in that when i can fit it around the baby and my other projects that include cheese making, tattooing, make up, acrylic nails, art and crafting accessories... i have been on this site for about 18 months now (as of june 2010) and i will be updating soon when i have the time, i have heaps more new recipes and some excellent new photos to share x love the site, the members and all the learning and sharing :)

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Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
thanks twilight, looking at them now i really could have done better, but the cookies themselves taste great! :)
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
hahaha found out some great info about some strange people, i love this site i would actually never leave it no matter what happened, so much inspiration here and it makes me do better and better all the time :) great new members lately too.... youre all doing such awesome cooking!
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
thanks laura, i think its awesome ur on here!!!
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
thanks love hehehe checkin out yours now....
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
you remind me of my self when you say you create all your own dishes based on tastes and very rarely use measurements, which is hard when converting for other people on this site.. cz that what happens exactly to me !!! Your diishes look very temting.. will let you know when i try any .. good luck
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
thanks huda, to u also :)
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
thats fine although i find it quite weird that u would all of a sudden know it was there, im sure u had never even heard of this site before 2 days ago and i suspect a certain member with a jealous vendetta against me may have alerted you i totally understand and have been truthful when borrowing an image, please refer to my profile about me section here is what it says,

just so you know in advance *i have borrowed various images from the internet (no, i didnt make my own allens cobbers box and print the logo's on it.... derr) the images are representations of the dishes that i have in my collection and look either identical when prepared or very similar* most images are my own property. they will be replaced as i make the dishes, now that i have a way better camera than when i joined. and on further investigation of other members pages ive found that its not uncommon to "borrow" images...

so u see i was never trying to take your limelight, i had no idea the original owner and i found the image in google images.... i think the law is ridiculous when it comes to this as people have stuck thier images out there without any security so i find them to be fair game, and as i stated a representation only of the cake that i make. it will be replaced before you even see this message. ill be off to do my own investagation now of other peoples STOLEN images.
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
65 friends.... flattered :)
Posted by Scarlet DevilReport
Hey Cooking Mama - geez there's some weirdos out there eh? At least you have a bunch of great people around that know better ;) Just checking out your recipes and I must say I don't know where to start! I think I need to quit my job and just stay home to cook all day with the great stuff here! Darn shame you, me, Huda, Jackicam and Hungry Girl don't all live closer - can you imagine our dinner parties???? Now, to decide what to shop for this week so I can have a mega cooking weekend :)
Posted by COOKING_MAMA™Report
hahaha i know how fun to all cook together although im not really good with other people in my kitchen unless they are doing what i say! hahaha
i find shopping so scary and i always go in and tell my husband "im just getting essentials this week" and then come out with a buldging trolley and a $350 bill!!!!! but we eat well and im so relaxed and entertained when im cooking (when its not too hot!!!)
where are you living?