Celebrity Chef Adrian Richardson

Celebrity Chef

Award-winning Australian chef, Adrian Richardson, is a true meat maestro.

What motivates a person who has gained his pilots’ license at 16, and whose father was also a pilot, to change tack mid stream and become a Chef? An inherited passion for cooking from his Grandfather could be one explanation, but whatever the reason, Melbourne and its food scene, were the fortunate ones. Adrian Richardson is what you would call a “Quiet Achiever”. His restaurant, La Luna is a successful and bustling place in North Carlton, serving up clean, fresh and innovative food.

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Posted by Kristopher2Report
Hi Adrian
Mate I tried butterflying my own leg land and rolling it and it turned out tops I watched rolling something one day and don't it but I need I better knife what do U use
Thanks kris
Posted by Belinda898Report
Hi Adrian
I'm not the greatest cook & I'm a new to your show but I do know I have to start somewhere & I would like a good sharp knife like the one you are using in secret meat business episode, what brand is it?
Tryed shopping around for the best set, but am worried the sales staff have no idea what they are on about.. it's happened before, spend hundreds & they were aweful knives..
thank you
Belinda ??
Posted by Alberto17Report
Hi Adrian,
Could you please let me know who built the pizza oven that I see on your "Secret Meat Business".
I really would love to have a similar oven :).
Thank you
Posted by Natasha1119Report
Hi Adrian, I just tried making the pigs head and got up to the rolling part but couldn't do it. Is this on utube? Not sure what the technique is called and I don't know what touchon is. Can you help me out with this please?
Posted by Renee1034Report
just saw you today on secret meat business, got to this channel by mistake but you capture me lol, Mums roast chicken with corn bread....going right out to get everything i need to make this meal.....love love the show i am recording the series thanks so much
Posted by DazzlerReport
Loved every one of your serieseses. watch the repeats over and over, never tire of them. It's about time you did some new ones!!! Cheers Darryl.
Posted by GKatzReport
I have to say that as a Canadian I am highly offended by Mr. Richardson's generalization of Canadians and the foods that we eat - not everyone eats duck, or maple syrup, especially not with as he put it in one of his episodes that "Canadians have maple syrup on everything that we eat". Get your facts right before you air something that general, the only Canadians that consume maple syrup with almost everything are those in Quebec where it is found.
Posted by James915Report
Really, this offends you?!

I live in Quebec and the average person rarely consumes maple syrup.
Posted by JC193Report
Mr Richardson, what part of the Kangaroo do you think is sustainable? You only use a tiny part of the animal so how do you reconcile yourself with the statement of using the kangaroo as a sustainable animal for use in your cooking?
Posted by BezzReport
Talk about a pork chop, you certainly don't have to be a celebrity chef to cook like one, I know I wouldn't like to cook like Richo. What a load of self indulgent rubbish eh! RICHO.