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I am an aspiring chef.

I am an aspiring chef. I just finished my Cert III and I just don't want to stop it there. I desire to discover about different types of food. I desire to create my own dishes someday by working in different kinds of restaurants not just in Australia but around the world as well. Too bad for me right now is that I am an international student and my visa has certain restrictions regarding working hours. We only required to work up to 20 hrs per week and full time work during holidays.Another thing I am sad about is that it is really hard to find a job in my case. They either want an apprentice or an experienced chef.I would like to share a situation where I really got frustrated and pissed off a little bit. I applied for this job and the chef interviewed about the position.After a day or two, the chef rang me and informed to come in for a trial. So to excitement, I was all prepared and ready for a trial. Here's what happened. So,I went to the restaurant with my chef uniform all cleaned and pressed and my knives with me until the chef showed up and confronted me in the door and told me that " Sorry mate, the position has been filled. I lost your resume and I was not able to contact you.So... sorry mate." It was so frustrating. That's not the end of it. It happened to me AGAIN. The other one was, My trail is 6 pm.So,I went to the restaurant 30 minutes before my trial started.I was just in the parking lot, getting myself ready all that stuff. About 10 to 15 minutes before the time, the chef rang to tell me not come anymore because the position has been filled already. I was so speechless and was not able to say anything but " ok" and then hung the phone up. Worst part was, when I looked at the paper the other day, the position was still in the paper and even a week after that. Damn! One of the worst experiences I have ever had here in Perth. Anyway, currently I am working in sizzler as a chef( of course, duh?) but I want to explore more and find a another job that will bring out the chef in me. I cant give in my job in sizzler until I find a another job. Otherwise, I will be broke.Until now, I still keep on looking for a job but I still fail to get one because of my visa conditions. Anyway, I will be finishing my Diploma of Hospitality this June of 2010. Hopefully, when I finish, I will be able to stretch out myself and be able work in a restaurant where I will be able to meet good chefs and learn more. I am hungry for an opportunity. I am determined,hungry,passionate,focus but i think there is one thing that is missing. Whenever I apply for a job, they always see mistakes or problems in my resume. Like i said, it is because of visa conditions. Le t me share with you what goes on with my interviews. What I do always ask them is that " how am I be able to gain experience if no one is hiring me?" That's my drama there but its true. I am not giving up my battle because I still believe that one day I will be able to get that job in a good restaurant and meet good chefs who will crack my brain up and bring out the chef in me. How many times have I written those words here? hehehehe. As the old saying goes, " NO ONE IS AN ISLAND". So, I definitely need a chef that will inspire and mold me to be the best chef I can be. In my opinion,the reason why Gordon Ramsay became so successful is not just because of his hard-work( that's actually given already) but also he was lucky to be able to work in popular and reputable restaurants in Europe and met one of the best chefs when he was still starting his chef career. I think that the Chef who trained Chef Ramsay used to be the best chef in the world. All I am saying is that , I think I am gonna be needing a MENTOR or a MASTER. That's all. Feel free to comment about my short blog. I would also appreciate if you can give your thoughts about it. Thank you.

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