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I am a wanna be chef who is limited by her tiny kitchen and outdated oven.

I am a wanna be chef who is limited by her tiny kitchen and outdated oven. I love nothing more than to create delicious food and I am well schooled that the way to keep a man happy is through his stomach, My husband and family are happy test subjects for everything I make. I love to cook anything from the east to the west but I frequently cook from the meditteranean as my husband is Moroccan and loves only the freshest fish, meat and vegetables. I am lazy to post recipes but I will try to write my favourites here as time permits. Food is my passion and my family is my life with everything else fitting in somewhere between.
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Sticky Chinese Honey Chicken

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Lisa's Savoury Muffins

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Baked Maltese Spaghetti

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Posted by Lisa259Report
Hi Huda, thankyou :) . I'll try it with the dried by soaking first like you said simply to see if I can make it work with them otherwise i'll try to hunt out some cheaper dates and make it with them. My husband would have a heart attack if I wanted to buy the expensive dates for a cake lol
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
suuuuuuuuuuuuure no .. expensive ones i would recommend it for "Dates Jewels"recipes, cs u'll serve the date as whole, stuffed with peanutbutter mixture and topped with roasted peanuts.. they are really WWAAAAAWWW... really Jewels.. for those, u can use the expensive ones :-)
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
hi dear, regarding the Date tart:
well dear , i never tried it with dried.. u know in these areas it's available in packs in the supermarket, different kinds, different prices.. ranges from 10$/kg up to 100$ or mayb more, so it depends on the type ..but for such recipes, we would use the 10-15$/ kg one.. check some cheaper kind but still taste good..
try it with the dried and see how it turns out .. i think it'll be ok, just ur gonna need to soak it in water for some time first.. then continue with the steps..
Posted by Lisa259Report
The dates jewels i'm saving to serve at baby's aqiqah ( right word? ) lol i'm still learning the arabic. I'm sure they will make a nice accompaniment to other foods I will inshaAllah be serving our guests.

I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow's breakfast when I serve the fried tomatoes, he is the same in his country, breakfast is breads, cheeses, jams, teas, fried foods oh my lol I can never prepare such a feast here! I would be bankrupt in a week haha.

I'll definitely let you know how he enjoyed them :-) I'll even make some fresh Moroccan bread to go with them -grins- he'll be a happy man tomorrow ;)
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
ooo waaw.. i should get that recipe, for the moroccan bread..
I'm sure he's already a happy man with all the lovely things u alraedy prepare my dear ;-) .. he'll now be inshalla a "Happier" man :-D
when is ur due date ??? the Daes Jewels will be really a nice idear to serve in Aqiqa (ur Arabic is correct my dear :-) ) ..I'm preparing some today to take with me when i'm going to visit my sister tomorrow in Dubai, i hope she and her hubby will love them as well ..
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
and regadiding the Froed Tomatoes in Olive oil and garlic:
I hope he'll like them , for me, i just LOVE them .. i would eat the whole pan u see here :-D
Loooooooooooooollll ..
by the way, i\m an egg girl as well :-D .. cz i don't eat cheese, which is a main thing for breakfast in our countries..
we make next to this one also : some scarmbled eggs or omlette, some french fries, some cheese, some jam, oilive oil and thyme.. it's a feast :-D love it actualy :-D
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
Hi dear .. read ur comment about Okra bel zait just now, cz i'm still in dubai and just now got the chance to check the net ...
I'm so happy to hear to hear that u loved it .. for me as i told u , it's one of my favourites and i as well eat it all :-D
I've made it once for my friends and they loved it as well.. and the nice thing that as u said, u just keep some frozen Okra in ur freezer, so u can make it any time , and need no time to prepare or cook .. and the fresult is sooo tasty..
so happy that u liked it .. thanks dear :-)
Posted by Lisa259Report
oh... I didn't make the breakfast he surprised me by taking me out for breakfast and the idea of eating out made me so excited I forgot !! ( typical pregnant woman ) When we remembered he suggested I make it for him as a nice lunch after jummah inshaAllah. :)
Posted by Huda Abu HamdiaReport
huhuhuhhhhh.. but that's a great my dear :-) hope you enjoyed the braekfast..
for me, i would have it breakfast, lunch or dinner :-D
Enjoy you day dear! ;-)
Posted by Lisa259Report
I will work out some measurements for you and hopefully write them. Problem is I never make same amount the breads are always different sizes because I go by eye and hand. I'm sure you know what I mean by that :)
Our baby is due on 9th May inshaAllah! not long now 8 WEEKS!!! ThankGod my arabic was right I was worried my chosen word was something entirely different lol
Your sister and her husband are going to love them I am sure. I am literally holding myself back from making them because they look so delicious!