Top Tips For Reducing Stress In The Kitchen

Cooking is meant to be an enjoyable passtime, but if demanding kids, a disorganised kitchen or time restraints are seeing your stress levels skyrocket, it could be time to re-think your kitchen plan.
Functional kitchen hardware manufacturer Blum share some tips on how you can cut your stress levels in a few easy steps.

Consider what meals you cook most in your kitchen every day, and arrange your kitchen to make the layout as practical as possible.

Imagine that you are preparing breakfast in the morning. You need cornflakes from the pantry, a cereal bowl, coffee mug (is the coffee machine near by?) a glass for orange juice and cutlery.
When all breakfast items are stored as near as possible to each other, everything is close at hand, and it saves you running around the kitchen, saves time and you can start your day relaxed.

Organise your kitchen so that items are easy to store and find while you are cooking

Installing cupboard dividers to separate pots and pans, or drawer dividers to neatly organise cooking utensils makes it easy to see where everything is stored and very quick to pull out the item you are looking for.

If you’re thinking about renovating, take the time to plan properly and think about practicality and functionality.

Have you ever thought about how often and for how long you actually use your kitchen? On average, kitchens are in use for up to 20 years or more. Therefore, they have to prove themselves during everyday activities over many years.

Many people don’t consider the changing requirements of how their kitchen needs to function in years to come. People will get pregnant, get older, and sometime get ill. You need to be able to use your kitchen now, and for the years ahead.

A well-equipped kitchen can lessen the workload and make your daily tasks easier and quicker to complete

How many times have you been in that uncomfortable position where both hands are full, but you need to open the bin? Or you have dirty hands from preparing a meal and need to get an extra knife from the cutlery drawer. Invest in kitchen equipment that will help to make everyday tasks easier.

Golden zones of kitchen design

Every kitchen should be divided into five zones to ensure smooth workflow and reduce stress:

1. Consumables: This relates to typical goods for consumption and includes the pantry, fridge or food cupboards.

2. Non-Consumables: This includes typical goods that are often used such as dishes, cutlery and glasses. Located next to the Consumable zone, these spaces are often poorly designed with corner cupboards and hard to reach heights

3. Cleaning: Everything you need to clean up after cooking. Ideally located directly under the sink, you are establishing workflow that helps to speed up the cleaning process. This zone is also home to the waste disposal area, which can include bins and compost.

4. Preparation: The preparation zone is home to everything used to prepare to cooking, including chopping boards, oils and spices, mixing bowls and knives. Positioned in between the sink and the cooking, it is the ideal location to be used during cooking and utensils can be quickly placed in the sink and rubbish in the bin to keep the workspace clutter free.

5. Cooking: Zone five is where your cooking elements should be located. This includes the oven, stove top and microwave. This area should also house the pots, pans and cooking utensils you will need while cooking. You may also choose to store pasta and rice in this area as this is where these items will be most commonly used.

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