Top 5 Healthy Food Swaps

Swap up a storm for spring! From chocolate to pizza, acclaimed chef Nick Honeyman offers healthy substitutes for our favourite naughty treats.

Spring will be here before we know it, but stripping down the layers in time to welcome the warmer weather can be a daunting thought for some, particularly for those who have found comfort from the cold with some naughty winter food habits.

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To give you a jump start on your spring preparations, resident chef from A Season of Change, Nick Honeyman provides the below pointers on how to swap your way to a svelte new you with healthy substitutes for our favourite naughty food temptations.

1. Ditch the high fat chocolate bars in favour of the low-calorie high protein bars instead
The protein bar has come a looooooong way from its powdery carob flavoured origins.  Offering a delicious sweet treat for around 100 calories these bars can be found in flavours such as fudge caramel, choc peppermint, cookies and cream, rocky road and banana split – talk about delicious! Nick does warn though, “while protein bars can be a great substitute to chocolate, you still need to keep an eye on the sugar content and still view them as a ‘sometimes’ food,” said Nick. 

2. Swap full fat ice cream with a delicious frozen fruit combo
Healthy enough to enjoy most days, swapping your daily bowl of ice cream for a bowl of blended frozen fruit is an excellent option that’s super easy to create.  Simply blitz frozen fruit, either store bought or frozen from fresh, in a blender, stick mix or food processor pop it in a container back in the freezer and let it set. “Most people actually prefer this frozen dessert option,” Nick said. “It leaves a light fresh taste in your mouth rather than a heavy dairy coating on your tongue,” he said.

3. Replace sugary soft drink with sparkling water and fresh fruit
While the ol’ faithful lemon in mineral water combo is a delicious substitute for you sugar laden soft drinks, people often overlook the other delicious fruits that can compliment your sparkling beverage.  Try squashed orange, lime or even grapefruit.  Frozen berries are also a great option as is cucumber and mint.  “This should be a no-brainer for most of us and the first thing we should avoid in our healthy eating is the 6-8 tsp in every glass of soft drink.  Soda or mineral on the other hand has zero sugar,” Nick said. 

4. Replace refined sugar and chocolate with Cacao, Coconut and Date
Providing a delicious, filling alternative for your 3pm sugar fix bake yourself or find a Cacao, Coconut and Date slice.  This is a much more satisfying option than your average processed chocolate bar, but BEWARE... “While cacao, coconut and date are a super healthy and delicious combo, you still need to be careful not to over-indulge as they can still be high in calories,” Nick warns.

5. Give your pizza a health kick
Pizza is a food that you can still easily enjoy without blowing out on the calories, just as long as a few simple tweaks are made to your traditional fast food variety.   “Using substitutions like wholegrain thin wraps for a base instead of thick flour bases will cut the calories down dramatically’” Nick advises. Pizza also provides the perfect opportunity to give your veggie intake a healthy boost.  “Use your favourite veggies to fill out the pizza instead of fatty meats, and opt for goat’s cheese or fetta instead of lashes of the traditional pizza cheese combo,” Nick said.

To take advantage of more helpful health tips this spring, register for A Season of Change today!  For more information or to sign up, visit:

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