Top 10 Tips for the Perfect BBQ

There's so much more to barbecuing than just chucking a shrimp on it. With BBQ season in full swing, what better time to impress family and friends with these top tips from everyday Aussies!

How about tenderising meat with bicarb, cooking onions with beer or cleaning your grill with coca cola?

After a nationwide search by online fresh food retailer The Gourmet and cooking show Good Chef Bad Chef, these are just some of the best BBQ tips that will have you going from a barbecue enthusiast to a barbecue pro in no time. Take a closer look below! 

1. Use bicarb to tenderise meat
The winning BBQ tip came from Janet from Frankston, VIC, who uses bicarb soda to tenderise meat. “Spread it over the steak, leave for about 30 minutes and wash it off. BBQ the steak to medium rare, rest it for 10 minutes and serve with a salad – it is yum,” she advises. “I use bicarb all the time on my meat before I barbecue,” she added.

2. Ale to the aid
Although an ice cold beer is a nice way to enjoy the food, you can also use it in your cooking. Ellen from Adelaide barbecues with a dash of beer instead of oil, while Sally from Adelaide uses ale to cook her onions to perfection. “Par-cook onions in your microwave, then tip a little beer over them and fry on the BBQ,” Sally says.

3. How to avoid fish skin on the grill
Anne from Melbourne has the perfect non-stick tip to cooking fish on the barbie. “Place sliced lemons on the skin of the fish to prevent the skin from sticking to the barbeque,” she advises.

4. Fruit to make meat tender
Exotic fruit and meat might not sound like a match, but pineapple and kiwi both contain an enzyme that tenderises steak. “Use pineapple in the marinade – it tenderises beef,” advises Vera from Parramatta, NSW. “Tough and cheaper cuts will tenderise quickly if left to marinate in kiwi fruit,” says Jason from the Gold Coast. “Marinate for 30 minutes, then wipe off excess and put the meat onto a hot BBQ grill. Only turn once and allow to rest for at least 5 minutes,” he adds.

5. Use rosemary as a brush
Rosemary adds great flavour to a steak, but if you just want a subtle hint of it, Damian in Melbourne has a good tip. “Use fresh rosemary as a BBQ brush and brush olive oil on the meat every now and then to keep the meat moist and aromatic,” he says.

6. No more burned kebab sticks
Jennifer from Altona has a clever tip for perfect kebabs. “Soaking kebab sticks in water beforehand for an hour or so stops them burning on the BBQ,” she advises.

7. Use your chopping board to marinate
Brendan from Victoria advises using your chopping board to marinate the meat. “Make sure the meat is room temperature, then season and oil your chopping board and roll the meat all over the board covering both sides with all the goodness of the spices. Pop onto the BBQ and cook to your liking. Bloody beautiful,” he says.

8. Crackling
Megan from Sutherland Shire has perfected the secret to perfect roast pork crackling. “Score the skin, then tip a boiling kettle of water over it. Pat dry and rub with salt. Cook in the BBQ with the lid down, on heat as high as possible for 40 minutes. Perfect crackling every time!” she says.

9. Clean it with coke
Sophie Murray in Melbourne has found a creative way to use her pop. “Clean your BBQ with coca cola, it comes up amazing!” she says.

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