The World's Tastiest Street Food

We’ve brought you our list of the world’s weirdest street food, but we know that cod sperm sacs and locusts may not appeal to everyone. So take a look at our top picks for the most delicious street food dishes! 

With over 2.5 million people eating street food each day there are plenty of winning flavours and dishes being devoured around the world. So if you're a bit worried about our list of the world's weirdest street food, what about ordinary, everyday delicious treats that locals eat?

After reading our collection of the tastiest street food, you may never want to step foot in a restaurant again!

1. Thai pad thai

It may be the most ubiquitous of all Thai dishes but the best place to find pad thai is on a street corner. Fried noodles, bean sprouts, peanuts, tamarind, chilli, tofu and dried shrimp may not excite you on their own but when combined at high heat in a wok by a seasoned cook it’s an unbeatable combination that locals regularly gobble down with sticks during their daily routine.

2. Aussie sausage sizzle

Whether it’s the charity stand at your local Bunnings or part of a sporting event, the humble sausage sizzle is an Aussie street food staple. Once you grow up with a taste for a barbequed sausage served on a slice of bread (always white) with lashings of tomato sauce and fried onions it’s hard to look back.

3. Mexican tamales

Tamales are one of the original street foods, tracing back to the Ancient Mayans. A corn husk is wrapped around corn dough and steamed or boiled in large batches. Meat, cheese and vegetables can also be added to the dough and some people go crazy with the seasonings. Cooked tamales are served straight from a steam vat so they are a safe bet if you’re a little wary of food prepared on the street.

4. Balkan burek

Burek is a tantalising flaky filo pastry filled with cheese, minced meat or fruit. The Ottomans took the recipe with them as they conquered their way through Eastern Europe so variations can be found from Croatia through to Romania. Burek can be made in a large pan and cut into slices, or as individual pastries and it’s the perfect filling snack to eat on the run.

5. Jamaican jerk chicken

This classic street food can be found all over the island and has become synonymous with Jamaican cuisine. Proper jerk chicken starts with chicken pieces soaked overnight in a heavily seasoned marinade flavoured with fiery peppers, onions, thyme and allspice. The chicken is then barbequed on a converted steel drum (great for flavour and effect) before being served with rice, plantains and fried dough.

6. Spanish churros

Churros have gained popularity all over the world but no one makes or eats them better than the Spanish. A close relation to the donut, churros are deep fried strips of pastry that are sprinkled liberally with cinnamon sugar and dipped in hot chocolate or café con leche. The Spanish eat them for breakfast but especially love them freshly fried by vendors as a late night snack.

7. Hungarian lángos

The idea of a deep fried flatbread slathered in sour cream, garlic and cheese may not immediately appeal but trust us, it’s a heart stopper (for good and bad reasons) and a firm favourite throughout Hungary. Lángos stands are a staple at markets and near bus stations and a popular choice for a worker’s lunch. Just don’t forget to pack your gum!

8. Argentinian empanadas

You can’t walk far in Argentina without bumping into a mass of freshly prepared empanadas. These delightful pockets of dough come with a myriad of fillings, from beef, fish and vegetable to fruit or chocolate for dessert empanadas. Made fresh and fried to perfection, these bundles of deliciousness have become the ultimate snack on the go.

9. Canadian poutine

Poutine sounds French because it is. French-Canadian to be exact. Originating from Quebec it’s a unique concoction of french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. This (delicious) heart attack in a bowl is sold out of roadside chip wagons known as cabanes à patates or "potato shacks".

Do you agree with the above? Are there any tasty street food dishes we are missing? 

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