The best coffee to drink according to your personality

Ahead of International Coffee Day this week, we spoke to The Grounds’ coffee expert River Villi to decipher which style of coffee will best suit your personality type.

The coffee we make, create, and drink in Australia is second to none. We’ve become known throughout the world for our approach to espresso – it’s an art we’re perfecting more and more as time goes on.

A part of our love of excellent coffee and all the science behind extracting the perfect drop has been unearthing new flavours, and a world of new styles. Cold coffee in summer is a delicious reality, as is ground coffee perfected for plunger, and filters like French press and ‘pour over’.

But do you know your type?

One of Sydney’s key coffee players is The Grounds – a roaster, restaurant and coffee haven, their sprawling emporium Alexandria is a must-visit, as is their latest Sydney CBD outpost.

The Grounds offers a wide variety of coffee styles. Everything from perfected espresso based coffees (flat white, latter, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato), to single origin espressos (long black and short black), filters, icy cold brew, and deconstructed versions like a mocha or iced coffee.   

Here, we spoke to The Grounds’ Head of Coffee Education River Villi about all the varieties out there, and which to drink based on our personality, career, or plans for the day ahead.

Coffee is such an integral, important part of so many people’s days. What would you recommend based on personality type?

When it comes to recommending coffees, a good place to start is by asking our guests what they like to drink and why. This helps us recognise particular flavour profiles, such as fruit notes or chocolate and caramel tones, and from there we can make recommendations on what they might like to try next.

River’s coffee suggestions:

You are: a fitness fanatic
Single origin espresso – this is perfect for an instant hit.

You are: not at all a morning person
Double shot flat white. Ease into the day with something that's not overwhelming.

You are: doing school drop off
Long black. Not too intense but packed full of flavour.

You are: an Instagram influencer in need of their next top-down shot
Capture a shot of your drip filter coffee as it is brewing. For something a little more cliché, go for some fancy latte art.

You are: a freelancer working from home
Pour over. It's complex and will help exercise train of thought.

You are: the party person in need of a solid hangover cure
Double shot latte. Something that's just a tad milky with enough vitalisation to help you kick that hangover.

How big is the spectrum of coffee variations or varieties? Is it as dense as wine? Is there a world of coffee flavours out there that we’re not trying?

The spectrum is very big and quite similar to wine. For most consumers, their focus is primarily on espresso based drinks as they're the most popular (like lattes, cappuccinos etc.).

For those who are looking to try something new, such as single origin espressos or filter coffees, there is a world of coffee profiles out there. Similar to wine, coffee comes from certain countries and regions, which influences the profile. However unlike wine, which is commonly produced and bottled at the vineyard, coffee touches many hands at multiple stages from the grower to the roaster and then barista, which allows for more manipulation and variation over the coffee.

As well as coffee education, The Grounds has a coffee sommelier. How do you pick out certain coffee flavours to recommend to customers?

Similar to a wine sommelier, our coffee sommelier is a serious coffee expert who lives and breathes coffee and, more importantly, is passionate about dedicating their days to sharing their coffee knowledge with our guests.

For those keen to learn a little more about their daily cup, or if you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to coffee, make a beeline for The Barista’s Bar, pull up a stool and take advantage of their smarts and skills. An expert on all things coffee, our sommelier can guide you through our ever-evolving offering, talk bean origins, roasting & brewing processes, and of course, coffee profiles and what to look for – tasters included.

Our Head Roaster, Nick, is a licensed 'Q Grader' and ‘cups’ on a daily basis to share his tasting notes and recommendations, which helps educate our baristas and guide our guests through the ever-evolving offering. 

Want more? We thought you might like this video.

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Is there that much difference between a flat white and latte?
How many school-drop-off-mums or dads for that matter drink long blacks?