Pork Fillet Cooking Tips & Nutritional Facts

Pork fillets are a lean option to use in everyday meals. Cook succulent pork every time with these top tips and learn all about the nutritional facts from the experts!

Pork fillets are a wonderfully versatile cut of pork.  They are delicious simply grilled on the BBQ as a steak with an easy ginger and garlic marinade, or sliced into a healthy stir fry with plenty of fresh vegetables. 

Nutritional Facts:

Pork fillets are very lean – they have less than half the fat of beef fillets, less fat than snapper fillets and are leaner than skinless chicken breast fillets!  Not only that, but they are a valuable source of iron which is great news, particularly if you’ve got someone in the family who isn’t too keen on other meats. They’re also high in protein and are a source of B Vitamins delivering plenty of nutrients to your family.

Pork fillets are a tender and high quality cut of pork.  They deliver great value for money as there is so little fat, nearly every gram can be used and not go to waste like other fattier cuts of meat.

Cooking Instructions & Tips

  • Pork is best cooked over medium heat. Too hot and the meat will have a tendency to dry out.
  • Pork doesn't need to be overcooked to be safe
  • Pork (like all meat) continues to cook after removal from heat. For best results, let your dish rest uncovered for 1-2 minutes in a warm environment prior to serving (except for sausages and mince)
  • Always cut meat across the grain to keep tender
  • Avoid frequent prodding of the meat while cooking
  • For best results, meat should be brought to room temperature prior to cooking
  • Marinating can add extra flavour and tenderness, especially on the BBQ.

For something a little more special, try roasting pork fillets in the oven in lieu of the traditional indulgent Sunday roast.  A whole roasted pork fillet looks absolutely stunning when sliced and served on a bed of roasted vegetables!

Different Cooking Methods & Instructions:

Roast it - Place a whole pork fillet (approx 600g) in a preheated 180°C oven and cook for 15 – 20 minutes until just cooked through.  Rest under foil for 5.  To aid even cooking, place fillet on an elevated rack in the oven or onto halved carrots or potatoes.  Slice upon serving for impressive presentation.

Try this delicious Pesto Pork Fillet with Salsa Verde recipe here.

Grill it – Preheat a pan, griddle pan or BBQ plate to a medium-high heat. Cook on each side for 3 – 4 minutes, turning to brown all sides. Try using spray oil on the grill or BBQ as it adds flavour while using less oil. 

Try your hand at this delicious BBQ Pork Fillet with Caprese Salad recipe here.

Stir Fry It - Pre-heat a wok to a high heat - you should be able to see a heat haze when it is ready to go. Stir fry pork fillet strips for 2 - 3 minutes until light brown.  Cook in small batches (200g) to keep the heat in your wok.  When cutting meat for stir fry, always cut across the grain.  Have all your ingredients chopped prior to commencing cooking and ensure all ingredients are roughly equal in size to ensure cooking is even. Add the ingredients that take longer to cook first such as onions, celery and carrots.  Try not to burn the oil as this may affect the taste of the dish.

Want to give it a go? Try this Pork Pad See Ew here.

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