Perfect Food Partners: Delicious Combos for You to Try

It takes two to tango! Here is my guide to ingredients that go together effortlessly in your kitchen.

In my years of kitchen experimentation, I’ve observed the wonderful world of flavour. I love to beat my drum about the health and vitality that certain foods can bring, but food, above all else, should bring joy - and what a better way than to select beautiful produce and mix flavours together to create a dish of your own. 

By exploring flavours and marvelling at the alchemy that cooking can bring to the taste buds, I’ve come to base many of my recipes around some delightful key pairings. The earth has provided an array of flavour combinations, and some of the most scrumptious recipes are as simple as one plus one.

Here are my top flavour partners that you can use as a guide for the basis of your own freestyle kitchen fun. Or, of course, use some of my recipes and let me know what you think about the tastes and flavours!

Lime and Coriander

Many an Asian or Mexican dish can be created around the delightful sensation of lime and fresh coriander hitting the palate. Lime carries a beautiful balance of acid with a hint of sweetness, and coriander partners well with its fresh floral and citrus-y notes.

Fresh coriander is a lovely garnish featured in Spanish, Middle Eastern, Indian, Oriental and South American cookery. The leaves can be sprinkled like parsley on cooked dishes, or puréed in sauces, soups and curries. Lime juice adds a light acidity that lifts it up. Try this flavour combo in my eggplant and green bean curry from my book Eat Clean Green and Vegetarian.

Tomato and basil

You can never go wrong with this classic pairing, which is a staple in Italian cuisine. This match made in heaven comes almost instinctively to anyone who has enjoyed warm, ripe tomatoes picked straight from the vine paried with fresh basil. They’re meant to be.

Whether in a fresh Caprese salad, on a pizza, or in a pasta sauce - this pairing never gets old. Expand your experience of these two love birds with my Green Bean, Tomato, Basil and Mint Mash.  It's super simple to assemble, and the combo of highly flavoursome vegetarian ingredients can be enjoyed as a sumptuous snack or satisfying side dish.

Pumpkin and cinnamon

Pumpkin pie is an American classic that celebrates the union between aromatic cinnamon and the smooth, sweet pumpkin. Pumpkin combined with earthy cinnamon can create great savoury flavours in curries, stews, soups and frittatas. However, I’m a greater fan of these two getting together in sweet dishes, like gluten free porridges and baked dessert goodies.

Kale and pine nuts

Kale alone is one of my favourite ingredients. Dinosaur Kale is my favourite variety: light, earthy and only slightly bitter. Pine nuts with their mild and sweet nuttiness make the perfect pairing for kale, working well in salads, frittatas and pies. 

My Kale, Strawberry and Avocado Salad is full of good-for-you vegetables, berries and good fats, making it a nutrient dense meal. It’s a beautiful blend of sweetness and bitterness and the vibrant assortment of colours will make you want to dive straight into it. 

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