Revealed: The all-new lasagne pie maker recipe that's suddenly gone viral!

A new piemaker trend has swept Australia after a quick and easy recipe for lasagne pies appeared online.

The Facebook group, Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia highlighted the recipe which makes a pastry pie complete with a mini lasagna inside.

Making unusual pies in the $30 Kmart Pie Maker has become one of the latest cooking trends in Australia - and this recipe has certainly become an online sensation.

"This was my first time making lasagna pies. I followed no recipe, just gut feel for what I felt would work using the pie making methods I've been sharing here recently," said the home-cook who posted this lasagna pie recipe, and then added an easy-to-follow guide with photos. 

"At the outset I will say these were AMAZING and have now officially snared the spot of No.1 favourite pie for hubby, myself and our daughters aged 6yo and 7yo," she added to the post which received more than  1,700 likes and more than 465 comments in under 24 hours.

You can find the post, complete with step-by-stop pictures, here. Or you can follow the recipe below (courtesy of L Borresen, Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia)


500 grams beef mince
375g packet Latina Fresh lasagna sheets
3 sheets Coles brand shortcrust pastry
3 sheets Coles brand puff pastry
380ml jar Barilla brand "Basilico" pasta sauce
Handful frozen onion
2 teaspoons crushed garlic
1 cup grated cheese
Masterfoods bolognaise herbs (or any brand)

Homemade Bechamel Sauce Ingredients (I never do this any other way for lasagna and it's a winner every time):

1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon plain flour
1 cup milk
1 cup grated cheese
Salt and pepper (to taste)
Sprinkle Masterfoods bolognaise herbs (to taste)

How I adapted my Lasagna process for my pie maker:

Step 1:
Take the pastry sheets out of the freezer and allow to defrost.  Also take the lasagna sheets out of the fridge, or if in the freezer, take them out and allow them to defrost as well.

Step 2:
Cook the mince through, add the frozen onion and crushed garlic. Add the jar of sauce, the bolognaise herbs and a sprinkle of salt. Set aside.

Step 3:
Make the bechamel sauce by melting the butter in a saucepan over medium heat.  Once melted, take off the heat and stir through the flour to make a roux.  Add the saucepan back to a medium heat and gradually add in the milk. Stir in the grated cheese and take off the heat once it has melted through. Season to taste with some salt and pepper. Set aside.

Step 4:
Now to cut the fresh lasagna sheets.  Initially as you'll see in the photos, I started cutting them in round shapes.  Even though I was making full-sized pies in my Sunbeam, I used my KMart sized pastry cutter.  I cut-out one lot and immediately saw the amount of wastage there would be.  So I went back to my swear-by pastry method (and of which has had an explosion of popularity in this group since sharing) of cutting the lasagna sheets into squares. Well, they turned out as rectangles, but stay with me because they absolutely worked!
Cut the sheets into three equal sizes along the short edge, and then in half lengthways (refer to the photos). Cut all the sheets together with a very sharp knife, then pile them up and set aside.  You're now ready to assemble the pies in the pie maker.

Pie Assembly:

Lightly spray the pie maker with cooking spray (you don't have to, this is just my preference for a great golden and flaky pastry outcome and to ensure no sticking from any leaks).

Add one square shaped piece of shortcrust pastry to the base (you don't have to use squares, this is just how I assemble my pies, so I'm sharing precisely the methods I used for you to see the end result).

Once you've placed all four bases in, allow them to start cooking as you start to layer the filling.  This also results in a delicious end result base, as it's cooked longer and begins to crisp up sooner (yet without burning or over-cooking).

Next I added a spoon of the mince mixture. You only need a relatively small amount because you will be layering, and as it starts to cook it's all going to cook/melt into itself.

Next, add a teaspoon size amount of the bechamel sauce and using the back of the spoon, just give it a light spreading over the mince.

Add one piece of the lasagna sheet (the rectangles cut-out earlier).

Follow these steps until you have filled the pie.  For the Sunbeam size, I got three layers.

Once I reached my final layer of lasagna sheet (NB: I actually piled my pie filling higher than normal as you'll see in the photos), I then added an extra lasagna sheet (ie: two fresh sheets), then covered the top of it with grated cheese.

Lastly, I added my square cut puff pastry lid to each of the four pies and closed the lid to cook.

These pies then took approximately 8 minutes to become golden, flaky goodness as you'll see in the photos.


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