Julie Goodwin's Challenge: Could you Eat on $2 a Day?

Julie Goodwin takes on the challenge of preparing a menu to live on less than $10 in 5 days as part of the Live Below the Line charity campaign.

In preparing a menu to live on less than $10 in 5 days, I am once again struck by how little that amount of money can buy. And it’s less than the last time I prepared for this challenge as well, as prices have gone up.

Trying to produce 15 meals for under $10 means shopping differently to how I usually do. My eye is only on the price – not the quality, not the origin, nothing but the price. I guess when you are living hand-to-mouth, with so few resources, that’s the reality – getting the food for yourself and your family is the only concern.

Nutritional balance

When trying to make a very little amount of food go a very long way, nutritional balance takes a back seat to finding food that will fill and satisfy. I have witnessed this in several third world countries. One that stands out to me was when we visited a very poor rural community in Uganda where the people eat a great deal of starchy food in order to fill up. There is little in the way of protein, and green leafy vegetables are seen to be food for the animals. Only through education and challenging these views can malnutrition be addressed.

Limited resources

It’s almost impossible to create meals that are tasty and varied as well, with such limited resources. I have been a little bit brutal to be honest; five of the meals are a breakfast of boiled rolled oats. There is no milk or sugar, they are simply not in the budget. A year ago I would not have dreamed of placing such a bland and awful item on a menu – but I have since lived in a camp in South Africa for a few weeks, and that was exactly the breakfast we had. It’s not tasty, it’s not nice, it’s hard to eat, but it fills you up. And I guess that’s the reality we’re exploring here – that living with so little is not a gourmet adventure. It’s hard and it makes us really appreciate what we have.

Living with empathy

Living with empathy is probably the most effective way to truly understand the plight of the humans in our world who suffer. Experiencing even the tiniest part of what they experience is a window into a world where there should be enough for everyone, and still there is not. I congratulate everyone who has taken on the challenge to live below the line, I wish you the best of luck. I would love to hear of your experiences! Tweet Julie at @_JulieGoodwin

Shopping list

I sourced my ingredients from Coles, from the “own brand” range where possible.
• Eggs - $2.79
• Bag of rolled oats 900g - $1.87
• Onion - 54c
• 1 washed potato - 70c
• Garlic - 70c small head
• Pasta 500g pkt - $1.00
• 1 x tinned tomatoes 400g - $1.20
• Salt 500g - 98c
Total $9.78



Breakfast Porridge (boiled oats)

Lunch Tortilla Espanola (Spanish omelette of 1 potato, ½ onion and 6 eggs)

Dinner Pasta Napolitana (pasta in sauce of simmered tomatoes, ½ onion and 4 cloves garlic)


Breakfast Porridge

Lunch Tortilla Espanola

Dinner Pasta Napolitana


Breakfast Porridge

Lunch Tortilla Espanola

Dinner Pasta Napolitana


Breakfast Porridge

Lunch Eggs or pasta leftovers

Dinner Pasta Napolitana


Breakfast Porridge

Lunch Tortilla Espanola

Dinner Eggs or pasta leftovers

Julie Goodwin is just one of the many celebs taking part in the Live Below the Line charity campaign. This annual fundraising event challenges Australians to eat on just $2 a day for 5 days. $2 a day is the Australian equivalent of the extreme poverty line. Raise much-needed funds and gain an insight into the challenges faced by those living in extreme poverty.

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Julie is wonderful but I'm sad to see not one fresh veg -a carrot or bit of cabbage is cheap for the sake of your health.