Is Your Child at Risk of Tooth Decay?

How much sugar are your kids eating? You may be surprised. With the sweet stuff lurking in all kinds of unsuspecting places, it’s important to have extra weapons in your arsenal when it comes to oral health.

There are those times in life that just call for a special treat – Easter, birthdays or an ice cream after a perfectly behaved trip to the supermarket.

Indulging in that occasional treat is one of the great joys of childhood, and while most parents know that too much sugar can be bad for the health of their kids’ teeth, it isn’t just the obvious foods like ice-cream and chocolate that can be harmful.

Sugar can be found everywhere, even in foods that you wouldn’t expect. Cereal, tomato-based cooking sauces, fat-free yoghurts and even some savoury biscuits can contain large amounts of the sweet stuff.

The last forty years have seen our diets change drastically, with processed foods now making up a significant portion of our diets. Not only is this having an impact on our waistlines, but our teeth are suffering too. The regular consumption of sugary foods and drinks is the primary cause of tooth.
Tooth decay in children can cause pain and infection, which is why it’s imperative that we understand the effects and how to protect our teeth against sugar acid attack and tooth decay.

Sugar is converted into acids by bacteria in the mouth. These acids can dissolve the protective minerals on the surface of the tooth, leading to cavities. We can all make small changes by limiting the amount of sugar in our diets - like only enjoying soft drinks and chocolate on special occasions - but with the sweet stuff present in all kinds of unsuspecting places, it’s important to have weapons in our arsenal.

That’s where MACLEANS® Multi Action with fluoride for Sugar Acid Protection toothpastes* come in. Containing fluoride that works on the enamel to help defend the teeth against sugar acid attack. It helps prevent cavities by drawing new minerals into the tooth, leaving it stronger than before.

You may be surprised to know that compared to your own tooth enamel, your child’s milk teeth are fifty percent thinner – making brush time even more important for little ones. Good tooth brushing habits can never happen too early, but most parents know the challenges of convincing kids to ‘rush to brush’! But with a few secret tips – and Captain Macleans – you too can make brushing fun. Yes, fun!

Captain Macleans’ mission is clear – help defend against sugar acid attacks and give all Australians a reason to smile. Captain Macleans uses Macleans Multi Action with fluoride for Sugar Acid Protection* to strengthen and actively defend teeth from everyday sugars.  Use role-play with Captain Macleans and his power to defend teeth against decay.

Here are some other ways to get your kids into great brushing habits.

• Kids should brush their teeth twice a day for a full two minutes, which can seem like a very long time. Make brush time fun by downloading the MACLEANS® brushing app. There are points to collect and even fun tips on how to brush.

• Educate your children about sugar and instill healthy eating habits at a young age by encouraging them to get busy in the kitchen with the Recipe for Kids Collection.

• Encourage your kids to drink water if they’re thirsty, not cordial or soft drinks.

• Get your kids snacking on ‘tooth friendly foods’ as opposed to cakes and sweet treats. Tooth friendly foods are low in sugar, promote chewing and get your child’s saliva going. Examples include vegies such as carrot and celery.

• Make it fun! Turn brushing into a game.

* For children 6 years of age and under Macleans recommends a lower Fluoride toothpaste, Macleans Little Teeth.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by MACLEANS®. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.


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