The secret to making perfect dumplings at home

If you've always wanted to create delicious dumplings at home, but never been brave enough to try, her are some expert tips!

Enjoying dumplings at home doesn't have to be difficult. CHUUKA’s co-executive chef, Victor Liong, who has made hundreds of dumplings, gives us some expert tips so you can really impress guests at your next dinner party, or simply cook up a batch for yourself!

Seasoning the meat

When preparing the meat to fill your juicy dumplings with, the key is to add the flavour first with salt, then adding a bit of sweetness and umami. This is the basic starting point for making delicious dumplings.

Once you’ve done that you can start paddling the mixture to help incorporate the seasoning throughout and work the proteins so that the mixture bonds and gets sticky to create a bouncy dumpling filling. The starch will help bind the mixture and thicken the juices in the dumpling to a sauce consistency, while the egg whites help the mixture stay nice and tender – there’s nothing worse than a stiff and dry dumpling filling.

Folding the dumplings

There are several types of ways to fold dumplings including the classic fold, gold ingot fold (or belly button fold as some people call it) and the bat fold. For any dumpling you start by adding the filling to the pastry dough wrapper and flattening it out, then you should moisten the outer edge with water so the dough sticks and then fold it into an open sandwich. Then you can decide which dumpling to make.

Classic fold

For the classic fold you start by taking a quick pinch at one end and then do a half fold with one side of the wrapper, followed by a pinch to the join it with the flat side. You continue doing a half fold and a pinch again and again until you’ve got to the other end. It can be a bit tricky the first time but practice makes perfect.

Gold ingot fold

To make the gold ingot fold, take the sandwich and press the sides firmly together then moisten the ends. You then wrap the dumpling round to bring the pointy ends together to finish.

Bat fold

For the bat fold, hold your sandwich and pinch the middle of the wrapper and make two folds (similar to the classic fold) on each side. Once you’ve done that you can press together so it is fully closed and you’re ready to get cooking.

How to cook your dumplings

When cooking the dumplings you should consider which type of wrapper you’re using. If it's a wheat flour wrapper like gyoza wrappers then they are best pan-fried but you can also opt to steam or poach them depending on how you like your dumplings. If you’re using the yellow wonton wrappers my preference is to deep fry them but again the choice is yours - enjoy!

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