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How To Make Haloumi Cheese

Find out how to turn fresh milk into world class Haloumi cheese that’s ready to eat in just two hours with Matt Moran. 

Robert St Duke from Harvey Cheese in Wokalup, Western Australia is a local legend and a talented cheese maker who is passionate about the science of making top quality handmade cheeses. Robert says “what sets our gourmet cheese apart from others is the love and care with which we handcraft every batch of cheese...and it’s this approach that has seen Harvey Cheese become the best in the region.”

One of Robert’s specialities is his Haloumi cheese. Haloumi is a semi-hard cheese that has its origin in peasant villages in Cyprus, centuries ago.

Robert shows Matt how to turn fresh milk into world class Haloumi cheese that’s ready to eat in just two hours. 

How to make Haloumi at home:

• 8 litres fresh full cream milk
• 2 mls liquid rennet diluted in 60ml of non-chlorinated water
• 2ml Calcium Chloride diluted in 60ml of non-chlorinated water (only required if using homogenised milk)

1. Put 8 litres of full cream milk into a double boiler and begin heating the milk to approximately 50 degrees. Make sure you have a good thermometer
2. Once this temperature is achieved add ¼ teaspoon rennet and stir for a short time. It will be set in 15 minutes.
3. Cut and put knife blade in to see how much it has set. Make sure you look for nice smooth sides.
4. Cut 0.75-1.5 inch squares in a vertical manner and then cut horizontally into even sized cubes.
5. Rest for 5 minutes.
6. Whisk and stir gently in 5 minute intervals and be careful not to break it up too much. By doing this it makes the milk firmer and it removes the liquid (whey) from the solids.
7. Separate the whey from the curds by draining it in another pot. You can use a large ice cream container with holes in the bottom which will allow the whey to filter through to the pot. Make sure the ice cream container is resting on a grill.
8. Get another ice cream container with no holes in it and press the cheese down to remove the whey. Essentially, you are removing the whey from the curds.
9. Leave for 15 minutes until all the whey is fully removed and the Haloumi has set. It will turn into a solid / firm
10. Heat up the whey to 90 degrees (not to burn it). If they whey gets too hot you will get the burnt taste throughout the cheese.
11. Slice the solid piece of cheese straight through and then cut into pieces.
12. Put the haloumi back in the whey. When the curd floats remove and put into brine (salted water).
13. Grill or fry and eat.

Try Matt's recipe for Fried Haloumi and Watermelon Salad with Fresh Mint as seen in the show!

Sources: Robert St Duke from Harvey Cheese

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