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How To Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer

GLAD makes products that help keep food fresh, longer. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years and our products keep getting better.

Nothing beats the taste of fresh ingredients, but these days it feels like fresh food only lasts a couple of days. It’s heartbreaking spending valuable time and your well-earned dollars on your weekly grocery trip only to have half your fruit and veggies unusable after a few days.

Well we think we’ve found the answer to help you do more, with less!

Now it’s no secret that GLAD has been helping time-strapped parents protect our leftovers for years (they’ve got over 45 years of experience in the industry).  What you probably didn’t know is that this old favourite is the perfect way to keep your fresh food better for longer.

The secret lies in “pre-emptive freshness”.  This involves preparing and protecting your fruit and veg before you store it in your fridge.  By allocating just a few minutes after your weekly shop to wrap and protect your fresh produce you can actually seal in up to 30% more moisture!*.  It’s as simple as Unpack, GLAD Cling Wrap, Put Away and your fruit and veg will be well on the way to lasting days longer and you’ll be saving time and money (winning!).

To help make protecting your fresh produce even easier GLAD has recently launched their best-ever Cling Wrap! Using the latest technology available, GLAD Cling Wrap now has a 1.5x tighter seal** and is even easier and safer to dispense. The tighter seal helps keep the air out and lock in the freshness, while the new cutter bar location protects your fingers.

But that’s not the only way you can protect your food and your wallet – read on for a list of handy tips to keep your fridge stocked with fresh food for longer:

1. Prepare a Meal Plan
Meal planning doesn’t have to be chore! Whether you’re writing a list or doing it on the fly, making a mental note of the meals you’ll make that week means you’re only buying the ingredients you’ll actually use and saving money for things you’d rather be buying (that magazine you were eyeing off a few isles over is looking pretty good about now).

2. Shop Seasonal
Keep your meals exciting by changing with the seasons. Take some time to hunt around for what’s fresh that month and use it to spice up your cooking. Chances are it will also be cheaper and it will taste better as well.

3. Buy In Bulk
Spending hours at the supermarket is not most people’s idea of the perfect afternoon. Cut down your shopping time and save a few dollars by buying your groceries in bulk. GLAD has a variety of food protection products to help you portion out your purchases and keep them fresh for when you are ready to use them.  Just remember before storing to write the date and contents on the label – each time you open the freezer you’ll know exactly what you’ve got and how long it’s been there for!

4. Prep Your Veggies in Advance
Embrace your inner master chef by prepping your ingredients and storing them in GLAD Snap Lock Reseal Bags for the week ahead.  You’ll congratulate yourself on your organisation later when your cooking-time is slashed and your families eating a nutritious meal.  Cooking suddenly became more enjoyable!

Three GLAD shortcuts to start saving your food (and cash)!

Use these fool-proof #GLADHack’s to keep your favourite produce fresher for longer.

1. Banana #GLADHack:

Bananas overripe quicker than other fruits (especially organic bananas). Wrap your banana tips in GLAD Cling Wrap to prevent them from ripening too quickly so you can enjoy them when you want, not because they’ll go off.

2. Avocado #GLADHack

Avocados are infamous for going bad after they’re sliced. To save one of your favourite foods just drizzle them with lemon juice, seal in a GLAD Snap Lock Bag and refrigerate. This helps to keep them from oxidizing and browning.

3. Lettuce #GLADHack:

Cover your lettuce with a paper towel before wrapping your bowl in GLAD Cling Wrap. The paper towel will absorb the moisture so your salad will stay fresh and crisper, longer.

Need more tips and ideas? Take a closer look at our products:

GLAD Cling Wrap

GLAD’s Cling Wrap is now their best-ever! With 50% better cling** for long-lasting freshness you can count on GLAD whether your preparing, cooking, storing or even controlling meal portions. The NEW Cutter bar location is easy to dispense and safer for fingers and the NEW easy roll start feature means you can say goodbye to the stress of Cling Wrap tangles.  All GLAD Cling Wrap is BPA free. Keep an eye out for the new packs in your local supermarket!

GLAD Snap Lock Bags 

GLAD Snap Lock bags have been an essential tool for time strapped parents for years. They are the ultimate in multipurpose storage solution that really lock in freshness. GLAD reseal bags come with a unique double-lock zipper bags and now have a secure lock to guarantee for complete protection.  The improved closure allows you to really feel the seal and changes colour to green when snapped closed – perfect for those frantic mornings spent prepping school lunches! GLAD Snap Lock Bags are also BPA free and freezer and microwave safe for easy leftover reheating.

For more great tips and information, or  

*Compared to no wrap after 7 days
**Up to 1.5x (0r 50%) improvement in GLAD cling film to GLAD cling film seal.

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