Everything You Need to Know About Watermelon Water

What is watermelon water and why is Beyonce such a fan? We answer the key questions you have about this trendy new health craze.

Move over coconut water and charcoal lemonade - there's a new super drink in town!

'Watermelon water' is the latest photo-friendly drink the health trend-setters are getting behind, leading many to anticipate its rise as one of the biggest food products of 2017.

WTRMLN WTR, the brand responsible for the creation of 'watermelon water', has already won some very influential fans, including Beyonce.

Queen Bey put her money where her mouth is when it came for her advocacy for this particular product and invested in the company, explaining it was an investment in "female leaders, fitness, American farmers and the health of people and our planet".


'But, what is watermelon water?' we hear you ask. Well, it's basically a really refreshing, low-calorie, sustainably made, healthier sports drink.

If you love a fad or just want to know what all the fuss is about, take note!

1. It's made from 'Magic Melons'

Ok, not really. But this is what the company calls its "conscientiously grown" watermelons - which are grown and harvested on family-run farms.

WTRMLN WTR also prides itself on making use of the discarded watermelons producers didn't see fit for sale, thanks to small blemishes or bruises. 

According to WTRMLN WTR creators, Jody and Harlan, they wanted an idea that would combine their passion for sustainability and health - bringing them to invent this great product!



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2. Ok, but what else is in it?

According to the website, the total list of ingredients include "watemelon flesh, watermelon rind and organic lemon". You may also find it interesting that WTRMLN WTR is 100% juice with no actual water added! 

3. So, why are people going nuts for it?

Let's crunch some numbers! The drink contains more electrolytes than the most popular sports drinks. To compare, WTRMLN WTR boasts 602mg, versus 130mg in sports drinks. Electrolytes are key to hydration and just the general performance and balance of our bodies. 

WTRMLN WTR also claims to contain more potassium than sports drinks, as well as a considerable amount Vitamin C.

There is no added sugar in the drink, but it does contain natural sugars from the pressed fruit. However, this is apparently still less than the sugar content of coconut water or orange juice.

So, whether you love or hate the product, we can see why these fun facts will appeal to athletes and health fans for the foreseeable future!

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