Essential BBQ Cleaning Tips

A skill that’s essential for any BBQ Chef is the ability to clean and maintain their grill. Follow these top tips to ensure you keep your barbie in great shape!

The key to mastering the art of cleaning is to treat your BBQ as you would your body: every time you use it, you should clean it! Additionally, it’s also a good idea to schedule a thorough deep-clean (ie Detox!) every 12 months to make sure all the parts are free of grime and residue, and are in good working order.

Taking good care of your BBQ is not only good for your health, it helps maintain the quality and taste of the food you cook. So, the Head Griller at Man Law BBQ tools has decreed the following essential tips for cleaning your BBQ.

1. Clean While Warm
It’s always easier if you clean grill plates and grates while they’re still warm so when you’ve finished eating and you’re ready to start cleaning, fire up the BBQ again. The heat will help loosen any food or grime remaining on your grilling surface and make light work of the cleaning process.  

2. Use Foil
For charcoal grills, lay aluminium foil under the grill so when you’ve finished cooking you can simply fold up the ash and remaining coals (once cold!) in the foil and remove them in one easy step.

3. Apply Oil
If you have cast iron grates it’s ideal to clean them and then brush or spray on some food oil. This will help maintain them and prevent rust from forming.

4. Have The Right Tools 
Sturdy BBQ tools are an essential part of BBQing and BBQ cleaning. The Man Law BBQ Giant Grill Brush is perfect at ½ meter long and heavy duty that makes it ideal for the dirty jobs.

5. Yearly Overhaul
Give the BBQ a Once a Year overhaul - use some detergent and a high pressure cleaner to get grease and grime from all of those hard to reach places.

6. Soak and Scrub 
If your BBQ is really bad, let grill grates and the grease tray soak in soapy water, and then scrub them with your Man Law BBQ Giant Grill Brush. Make sure you clean the grates thoroughly as a build-up of grime can seriously deteriorate the finish and condition of the grates. A high pressure cleaner can make light work of this dirty job; Karcher’s K2180 is a good entry-level model that has a detergent tank making it ideal for BBQ and grill cleaning.  Sadly, they do get old, so if your grill grates are old and rusty it’s time to replace them.

7. Cover Up
Finally, make sure you keep your BBQ covered when you’re not using it, this will stop dust and dirt from building up and will also prevent bugs from creeping in and calling your BBQ home.

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