Donna Hay: Basics To Brilliance

Dinner With Donna Hay!

Some lucky LifeStylers had the chance to have dinner with Donna Hay!

It's not everyday you get to join a culinary queen for dinner. But for 100 lucky Donna Hay and LifeStyle FOOD fans, they got a taste of exactly what it's like! 

LifeStyle Presents' most recent event took place at Hotel Centennial, in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra, where guests were treated to a delicious menu of Donna's recipe prepared by chef Justin North.

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The scrumptious feast was inspired by Donna's love of simple, but well-cooked meals, such as her Crispy Pork Belly Rice Bowls with Chilli Caramel, as showcased in her latest series, Donna Hay: Basics To Brilliance

Guests mingled with Donna and NOVA radio personality, Michael “Wippa” Wipfli, who asked Donna about her exclusive tips for mastering the kitchen basics and building your own menu for the perfect meal.

Check out their Q & A below!

W: How do you do it all, what’s your secret?

D: With help! Lots of help!

W: Do you pack your kids lunch boxes?

D: My 13-year old son is quite entrepreneurial. I think he might be selling his lunch at school.
He told me that he has to take a batch of brownies to school the other day [laughs]. Stupid me, I was so tired I started whipping it up and then I thought… this is so not right.

W: Do you know what wouldn’t surprise me that’s going on, the other kids are being sent in by there parents to say ‘hey we are going over to so-and-sos on Sunday, I don’t want to pay for any Donna Hay cookies…’

D: Get her to cook a batch! Well, I actually get emails from the school now because the house master, of Angus’ house, takes the box of whatever I’ve made him straight off him because she can get a higher price in the staff room.

W: This is unbelievable.

D: This is what happens at schools these days.

W: Someone said here: ‘I think I saw you sailing in Rose Bay the other day.’ Tell me what’s all that about?

D: These are sneaky questions. I may or may not be strong enough and fit enough to join a Sydney to Hobart crew [applauds].

W: Are you strong and fit enough?

D: No. I’m winging it on the food angle. So when I go out on the boat I take lots of snacks with me so my sailing ability is sort of washed over a bit… because those winchy things – man!

W: Winchy things? The rest of the sailors must be wrapped… ‘best crew this year guys, we’ll kill it… those winchy things.’ ‘Make sure you’ve got an oven guys, I’m here to bake.’

D: There’s no oven.

W: God, what are you going to do?

D: I don’t know, I’m not happy about it.

W: That’s really exciting. So you train ‘til the event now?

D: Yes. I am. I don’t know if I’m on yet – there will be more baking and bribing. I’m not that strong.

W: You can get in anywhere with the right baking.

W: Here we go, a little game of one word answers.

D: Oh god.

W: Prada or Puma?

D: Prada during the week; puma on the weekends.

W: Tea of coffee?

D: Oh, lots of coffee.

W: Yeah, tell me about it. Just to keep buzzing.

D: Yep. The thrill of it.

W: Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black?

D: Oh, Game of Thrones.

W: I haven’t seen the last three eps.

D: Oh god, don’t. Oh my goodness. It’s so good. Don’t say anything.

W: George Clooney or Matt Damon?

D: Matt Damon’s here isn’t he? I’m going to say Matt Damon.

W: He is here. Not tonight. He was just after the 24 hour cut-off; he missed out on the ticket. We had to say sorry Matt Damon, you’re out.

D: I heard he wanted a ticket but it’s just a bit tight.

W: Ice cream or cake (sorry, banana bread)?

D: Ice cream.

W: Got a favourite flavour?

D: Any!

W: I love ice cream – it’s not about me guys.

D: I was thinking, actually no I’ll tell you later.

W: No, tell me.

D: Well, Messina has ‘Gay Old Time’ on their specials list so I was wondering on the way home, ‘cause I’ve done such a good job tonight…

W: Are you hitting on me? I just said I was married but we can go get ice cream afterwards if you’d like.

D: [Laughing] I’m happy to go alone or to take you with me, Whip, but I was just thinking that could be a good treat on the way home.

W: We could have a ‘gay old time’.

W: Champagne or vodka?

D: Vodka at the moment – but I’d never say no to a champagne.

W: Of course you wouldn’t.

W: Donna Hay, thank you so much for taking the time out to share your experience and stories and success – good luck for the European tour.

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Absolutely loving this new series with Donna Hay. Love all the different ways to cook every ingredient and inspired to get back in the kitchen with new ideas.