Chef reveals how to pick the right potato for every dish - have you been doing it wrong?

Have you been picking the right spuds for your meal?

While you may not have known it, there is actually a very particular way you should be using your potatoes in certain types of dishes.

Whether it's a creamy mash, a crispy baked spud or crunchy chips, chef Jock Zonfrillo has revealed how to pick the perfect potato to get the ultimate satisfaction from your meal.

In a new video, the chef talks through four household spuds: the kestrel, kipfler, creme gold and sweet potato. 

"I'm going to talk through what potatoes to use because sometimes it can be really confusing, you don't really know which potatoes to buy," he says in the video.

The first tip is to keep the peeled potato skins, as they often are the best part:

"The best and most nutritious part of the potato is in the skin," he says. "All of the skins in these potatoes are fantastic. Make sure you wash them before you use them but please keep the skin on."


"Kestrel potatoes are easy to tell, they've got purple little eyes - they're the only potatoes with them that you'll see in the supermarket," he reveals.

"They are brilliant for roasting potatoes."

He explains that Kestrel spuds have the lowest amount of wax in them, so because they're drier, they go fluffy and crispy in the oven. 

"I parboil them first, and then in a colander, ruffle them up and throw them in a hot roasting pan with some grape seed oil or some peanut oil, and roast them up."


"A kipfler is a delicious potato. It's much more yellow on the inside so there's a lot more wax in it, which means it's really good for potato salads," he reveals.

"Cook them as slices, not as whole. When they are just cooked, dress them in salad dressing, just a plain vinaigrette.

"As they're cooling down, the potato absorbs the vinaigrette and become the best, most delicious potatoes that you can add to any potato salad."

Creme gold

For the third spud, we're onto creme gold potatoes which Jock explains have a waxy variety so are perfect for baked dishes and chips.

"The only thing to do with these is baked potatoes or chips," he says.

"Unfortunately, the waxiness won't give you a fluffy texture that then goes crispy so that's why it's great potato to use for bake potatoes or chips."

Sweet potato

And lucky last are the flexible sweet potatoes which are great for mashing, frying, boiling and roasting. Who doesn't love these?

"Lots of fibre in these guys," he says. "I love getting a sweet potato, cutting them in half (long ways) and then I'd just cover it in tinfoil with a little bit of salt, pepper and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, nothing else and in the oven, let it bake.

"'Because there's a lot of sugar in these sweet potatoes, it starts to caramelise within itself with that salt, pepper and oil and you bring it out, and you honestly eat it with a teaspoon. It's delicious.

"The skin is also fantastic. You can make potato chips, oven roast wedges, a whole baked potato, you can use it chopped up in stir fries - it's a very versatile potato."

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