Chocolate tea is the latest health craze - but is it actually good for wellness?

It’s been hailed as the world’s healthiest way to taste chocolate, but is cacao husk tea really all it’s claimed to be?

There are so many superfoods and health trends out there, the latest being a tea made from the Cacao husk.

Previously discarded in the chocolate-making process, the husk is the outer shell of the cacao bean and is now being used as the star ingredient in the tea.

However, this is not a new development in tea-making. Cacao husks have been used in South America for centuries to create a healthy and indulgent-tasting tea.

What does it taste like?

“Think of cacao husk tea as a rich, dark hot chocolate with no sugar, no dairy, no gluten and almost no calories. Out of all the ways to taste chocolate, drinking cacao husk tea is easily the healthiest,” says Elaina Downey, co-founder of Aussie tea brand, The Husk Mill.

“Chocolate and tea are two of everybody’s favourite things, so when we found out that there was a way to combine them into one tasty and healthy product, we knew that Australians would love it.

“The pure cacao husk tea is naturally quite dark, so if you’re a sweet tooth, we recommend adding a splash of milk of your choice and some coconut sugar.”



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According to Elaina, there are also a number of key wellbeing benefits:

Rich in nutrients

“Cacao husks absorb many of the nutrients from the beans themselves. As a result cacao tea contains many similar health properties such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C and E and minerals including iron, zinc calcium and magnesium,” she says.

Ideal for diabetics

If you’re diabetic and miss that cocoa flavor, cacao husk tea could be a great way to satisfy your cravings without consuming in any sugar.

“Cacao husk tea is free from sugar and any additives, which makes it the ideal indulgence for anyone with diabetes as it does not affect blood sugar,” says Elaina.

Contains magnesium

Cacao is one of the highest plant-based sources of magnesium.

“It is important for many processes in the body including regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and making protein,” says Elaina.

Mood boosting

This tea contains the energy and mood-boosting compound, Theobromine which is naturally-occurring in cacao plants and tea leaves.

“It is a slow release stimulant that provides a gentle pick-me-up without the harsh crash you get from caffeine,” Elaina says.

This same compound also has the ability to reduce blood pressure.

“It blocks phosphodiesterase enzymes and increases the activity of a messenger called cAMP. This messenger activates an enzyme called PKA, which reduces inflammation and causes widening of blood vessels and increases stimulation,” she explains.

Low in calories

Cacao husk tea is not only free from sugar, it is also free from gluten and any additives.

“It is full of taste with minimal calories which makes it ideal for anyone trying to manage their calorie intake or lose weight,” suggests Elaina.

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