Community Guidelines

About The Guidelines

The LifeStyle Channel has created the Guidelines to ensure you have a rewarding and fun experience when you participate in our community.

Remember, by using our community you are confirming that you have read and will comply with the Guidelines and the site’s Terms and Conditions. The Guidelines are easy to follow and if you maintain your common sense you will be fine.

Users who violate or persistently ignore the Guidelines are at risk of review and possible suspension or termination of their accounts or commenting rights. So please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’.

If feel you have been treated unfairly or have any questions about the Guidelines, please contact us directly on

We have the right to change and update the Guidelines from time to time so please check them every so often.


BE NICE: Our online community caters to many different backgrounds, beliefs and opinions. Keep in mind the effect your comments may have on others.

BE RELEVANT: Make sure your comments are relevant to the topic being discussed! Off-topic comments may be removed.

USE AN ALIAS: Using a nickname will ensure you prevent uninvited contact from people you don’t know or trust. Whatever you choose, remember that your alias should be suitable, not too revealing and fun.

REPORT ABUSE: If you read something that is really offensive, don’t retort, hit report! That’s what our Moderators are here for. However, just because you don’t agree with something, doesn’t make it abuse – only content in conflict with the Guidelines should be reported.


BAD LANGUAGE: Don’t use swear words in your comments as it’s likely to offend others.

OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOUR: Be careful! Would you say to someone’s face what you’re writing about? If your comments are harmful, threatening, derogatory, obscene, defamatory, sexually or racially offensive or otherwise objectionable we may remove them.

PLAGIARISM: Please keep all content original. You can face legal complications if you pass something off as your own.

VIRUS RISKS: Don’t post links to any kind of media or executable files as they may contain viruses. If you see that someone else has posted one, DON’T open it.

SECURITY: NEVER give out any personal information about yourself or another person, such as email or postal addresses and telephone numbers. Also please don’t post on the forum anything that is confidential.

ILLEGAL: Don’t include anything that promotes, or encourages others to commit illegal acts.

LIES & COURT CASES: Don’t say untrue things about people or companies, as it may be defamatory, and don’t mention any court cases or arrests as it may constitute a contempt of court.

SPAM: Don’t spam others with offers, specials or business opportunities no matter how great you think they are… others probably won’t.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Content may be removed if posted in languages other than English. Our Moderators are fluent in English but may not understand another language.

LINKS: You may provide a link to another website to illustrate your comment so long as it is not: Commercially motivated, linked to content that breaches copyright, a direct link to a media or executable file (e.g. wmv, mp4, mov, mp3, pdf) or a link to inappropriate content. We’re not responsible for any content on third party sites.