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Why Wine is Actually Your Friend

Food and Wine: Winning Winter Combinations

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 12 Mar

The cooler seasons are the best for indulging in wonderful food and wine indoors. So grab some friends, a few fresh ingredients, crank up the open fire, and take note of the best tipple tips to get you started.

Hallelujah! Wine Ice Cream Has Arrived

Find it hard to choose between wine and ice cream? Now it's possible to enjoy the two together......

Barossa Valley Wine Region

South Australia’s Barossa Valley is one of the world’s finest wine producing regions. Find out more about the area and the Henschke Winery with Matt Moran.

Why Wine is Actually Your Friend

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 18 Aug

Wine is your friend. True story. When handled with care, chosen with discretion and savoured with food, friends and a healthy dose of responsibility (and let’s face it, a slither of stinky cheese doesn’t hurt!), wine can open a world of health benefits.

Wine & Food Matching Tips

Get some top tips on how to match your wine with your food!

Kitty Crawford Estate Winery

Matt Moran visits the New England wine region to find a chef with a difference.

The Benefits of Choosing Organic Wine

Organic wines are a great choice for those looking to match their healthy meal plans with wine that's really all-natural, as well as being vegan and vegetarian friendly.

30 Million Glasses of Aussie Wine Consumed World-Wide Everyday

Australia is ranked number four on the global wine export

French Wine for the Summer Season

The warm weather is here and nothing heralds the beginning of a long, hot summer like the popping of champagne corks in spring.

Wine update from Senior Winemaker Sarah Crowe

Spring is here in the Hunter Valley and all of the grape vines are leaping out of the ground! Senior Winemaker from Bimbadgen speaks out about her thoughts on what we can expect to see across the coming months.