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The Hairy Bakers

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About the Show

Ciabatta, naan, foccacia and all manner of other exotic breads and pastries have become a staple in many households, but how many of us can make a decent loaf of bread? In The Hairy Bakers, The Hairy Bikers – Dave Myers and Simon King – jump on their motorbikes and become bakers, travelling the UK countryside to explore the delights of perennial baking favourites. Each episode is a freewheeling journey of discovery, with recipes and tastings, meetings with experts and artisans, beautiful locations and stunning countryside. The Bakers are intent on finding the very best, from gourmet bread-makers, pie-makers and ornate wedding cake designers to ordinary people passionate about endless varieties of baking. In Lincolnshire, they commandeer their own windmill to mill flour and make a country wholemeal loaf to go with their unique take on the perfect ploughman’s lunch.

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