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Series 3 · Episode 1

Australian chef Adrian Richardson knows all there is to know about how to cook meat. In Secret Meat Business, he heads down to his underground lair to show you the tricks and tips behind some of the world's most famous meat dishes.

  • Reminders Record
    28 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 2

Adrian dishes up a succulent roast duck cooked in classic Tunisian spices, served on a bed of nutty rice. A feast to share with friends and family, or in Adrian's case, enjoy all by yourself!

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    1 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 3

Double trouble, Adrian combines two of his favourite proteins in an indulgent Canadian dish, Bacon wrapped duck breasts Tournedos. Oh Canada!

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    2 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 4

Malaysian cooking, a cuisine melding Chinese, Indian and traditional Malay flavours. Adrian pays homage to his time spent there as a child preparing mouth watering Beef Rendang.

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    3 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 5

Taking his doctor's advice to eat more veggies, Adrian makes a classic Cornish Pasty filled with beef, bacon and some rabbit food for good luck.

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    4 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 6

Adrian whips up a simple Filipino recipe which has delicious Spanish and Chinese influences. A taste of Manila!

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    5 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 7

From the small village of Telve in Italy and into your kitchen, Adrian's making one of his childhood favourites!

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    8 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 8

A Singaporean classic, poached chicken with classic asian flavours. A cracker dish that's just waiting to be eaten.

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    9 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD

World Meats

Series 3 · Episode 9

Watch out, Adrian's wielding a sword! This time to skewer and woodfire quail kebabs. Also Adrian makes a quick, easy and classic Cantonese dish with a twist.

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    10 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 10

Adrian is up to his elbows in beef ribs, taking a traditional Argentinean dish to a whole new level.

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    11 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 11

Japanese pancakes at their finest! This combination of chicken, soba noodles and traditional flavours makes for a super impressive dish.

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    12 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 12

Inspired by a Korean fan, Adrian's making his version of beef bulgogi - marinated and grilled meat with some classic Korean flavours.

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    22 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 13

Adrian makes a fantastic Turkish chicken dish that is fresh and juicy. Complete with homemade flat bread, it's a dinner party delight.

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    23 December: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD