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Series 3 · Episode 8

A Singaporean classic, poached chicken with classic asian flavours. A cracker dish that's just waiting to be eaten.

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    3 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD

World Meats

Series 3 · Episode 9

Watch out, Adrian's wielding a sword! This time to skewer and woodfire quail kebabs. Also Adrian makes a quick, easy and classic Cantonese dish with a twist.

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    4 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 10

Adrian is up to his elbows in beef ribs, taking a traditional Argentinean dish to a whole new level.

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    5 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 11

Japanese pancakes at their finest! This combination of chicken, soba noodles and traditional flavours makes for a super impressive dish.

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    6 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 12

Inspired by a Korean fan, Adrian's making his version of beef bulgogi - marinated and grilled meat with some classic Korean flavours.

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    7 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 13

Adrian makes a fantastic Turkish chicken dish that is fresh and juicy. Complete with homemade flat bread, it's a dinner party delight.

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    10 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 1

The name Beef Wellington is rumoured to have been coined after the Duke of Wellington’s love of beef wrapped in pastry.

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    11 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 2

Adrian pays homage to his time spent as a child in Malaysia, preparing succulent Kelantan style Grilled Chicken.

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    12 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 3

A staple in Italian cooking, Adrian shows us the versatility of cooking with Rabbit, serving up his succulent Sweet Braised Rabbit Ragu.

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    13 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 4

Taking a leaf out of his mother-in-law’s recipe book, Adrian makes a Dutch recipe for delicious and decadent Glazed Pork Hock Marsala.

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    14 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 5

Adrian shows us how to use a not-so-common cut of meat, creating his aromatic, West Indian inspired Pork Cheek Stew. And, a fast and fresh Thai inspired dish, this grilled Marinated Skirt Steak Salad is delicious, zingy and healthy to boot.

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    17 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 6

Claiming to have settled a century old feud between the Clans of Scotland, Adrian demystifies the art of cooking Scotland’s national dish, Haggis.

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    18 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 7

Adrian combines the flavours of the Deep South and Mexico with today’s dish, his sweet and succulent Texan Style Short Rib Tacos.

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    19 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 8

A dish that is sure to wow at the dinner table, Adrian shows us a succulent slow roasted Greek style Baby Goat with honey, rosemary and garlic. It’s rustic and real Secret Meat Business.

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    20 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 9

Adrian cooks Feijoada- a Brazilian slow cooked stew, packed full of black beans, five types of meat and loads of flavour. And hailing back to his Italian heritage, he cooks his take on Shoulder of Pork served with Borlotti Beans, Braised Carrots & Celery.

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    21 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 10

Mum's the word today on Secret Meat Business. Adrian shares his Mum's recipe for an Aussie family favourite, succulent Roast Chicken. And he whips up a hearty recipe with a bit of a kick, Sicilian Chilli Beef Ragu.

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    24 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 11

Adrian dishes up a hearty Scandinavian Stew, showing us just how easy it is to cook the sometimes snubbed meat, venison. And he manages to make even dessert meaty- cooking his Bacon Sweeties: candied bacon drizzled with melted chocolate.

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    25 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 12

Adrian dishes up a robust French Style Boned Lamb Shoulder with Pommes Boulangere, a delicious variation on what we know as roast lamb with veggies. And he serves up his finger licking Sweet and Sticky Chickety Wings.

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    26 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 2 · Episode 13

In the series finale, Adrian is sure to have you breathing fire with his Thai inspired marinated steak, bursting with south east Asian flavour and heat. And he shows us the do's and don'ts to deboning and stuffing a chicken at home.

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    27 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD


Series 3 · Episode 1

Australian chef Adrian Richardson knows all there is to know about how to cook meat. In Secret Meat Business, he heads down to his underground lair to show you the tricks and tips behind some of the world's most famous meat dishes.

  • Reminders Record
    28 November: 6:00pm on LifeStyle FOOD