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Secret Meat Business

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About the Show

Australian chef and author Adrian Richardson ages his own steak; makes his own sausages and salamis; and generally knows all there is to know about meat – how to choose it, cut it, cook it and eat it. Join Adrian on a delectable journey into the world of all things meaty and delicious, as he reveals the secrets of some of the world's most famous meat dishes, offering tricks and tips that make it easy for anyone to prepare and cook the perfect cut of meat. Secret Meat Business is a series not just for carnivores, but for anyone keen to get more (and better tasting) iron into their diet.


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Posted by V18 • 9w ago • Report

I love your show, very informative, inspirational and meaty! I've seen some of my fave shows come and go and I do miss them. You filled a big void for me for this type of food fair. I would like to see a few episodes with you on an open fire grill, a couple of shows in the outdoors would be refreshing for your viewers.
Please continue your good work, my young boys enjoy watching you very much!
New York
Posted by Beverley160 • 9w ago • Report
Does anybody else ever get a response to your comments? Two weeks and waiting!
Posted by Beverley160 • 11w ago • Report
Watched your show for the first time and loved the recipes and your attitude......can't wait to try them. However, I was intrigued with the wood burning oven you used, can you tell me all about it please as we are thinking of building an outdoor kitchen and would love to include one. Already looking forward to the next show.
Posted by John952 • 27w ago • Report
Adrian, as a chef I appreciate your passion. Please continue to use nice,texture and so on as a description. Also vegan individuals need to refrain from commenting on this show. If they don't care for meat and your vision watch something else. The world doesn't revolve around vegans. Adrian you are brillant! Keep up the great work.
Posted by Laila3 • 29w ago • Report
I loved you show Secret Meat Business is there any way to obtain the episodes on dvd?
Posted by Keri22 • 29w ago • Report
Where in Qld can I purchase a satay box? Thanks in advance
Posted by Linda166 • 33w ago • Report
I think most chefs dont measure things you just know by eye the only time i measure things is when i bake cause the flour and baking soda ratio should be right but otherwise i wing it and watch what adrian does from his show he shows you the pans and how much oil he puts in the temps usually are high when he cooks it fast i just love watching a master at his work
Posted by fooboo • 38w ago • Report
This is another show that would be good except for one annoying thing that seems to be afflicting all TV chefs at the moment. No-one seems to know how much of the ingredients they are using, what temperature they set things to, what texture the food has. It's like all TV chefs everywhere had an aneurysm at once and lost all their vocabulary.

"Put a nice amount of oil in the pan and put it on a nice heat. Cut the onions to a nice thickness and add a nice amount of meat, cook it until it's a nice texture..."

NICE ISN'T A MEASUREMENT! Just as well the recipies are published online these days or we'd all be asking our butcher for a "nice amout of mince" and trying to find the nice marking on our measuring jugs.
Posted by Black Irish • 38w ago • Report
I recently watched the show on the filipino chicken adobo.. I cooked it and it turned out amazingggggggggg. Now my friend wants the recipe but i cant find it on your site. I watched the show August the 29th, 2013, california.... How do i go about finding this recipe????????
Posted by Sarah56 • 40w ago • Report
Just watched your show on TV. Interesting show, lovely food, you're obviously passionate about cooking.
Though have to say I'm offended by the comparison of vegetarianism to an illness and veganism as a terrible affliction.
How dare you compare yourself to a "doctor" with the "power to cure vegetarianism!
Besides being egotistical, have you ever stopped to think that people don't regard vegetarianism as something they need to change?
People will have made a conscious lifestyle choice to avoid meat for any number of reasons, some of which may include:
concern for the welfare of animals;
protecting the environment by not wasting valuable food on farm animals, wasting water on farm animals and destroying naturally occurring vegetation to make way for farm land;
looking after their health because meat's just not that good for you;
or they're simply grossed out by the idea of chowing down on the flesh of another being.
I totally understand that this is a meat focused show - I understand that - but there's no need to be so blatantly rude, it just makes you look unprofessional and narrow minded.