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About the Show

The Domestic Goddess is back and this time it’s instant. Who’s got any time these days to spend hours in the kitchen preparing healthy and delicious meals for yourself and perhaps even a family? But if you like eating, your stomach and taste buds don’t have to suffer just because time is short. Nigella Lawson cooks up fabulous fast food and reveals incredible short cuts and brilliant time-saving ideas in this new 13-part series, Nigella Express. Nigella prepares delicious, easy recipes which require minimum effort with maximum effect and covers every real-life cooking eventuality, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to parties and food on the go. Viewers can hit the kitchen running with these great recipe ideas. Each episode is different, with some based around one meal and others around themes ranging from "speedy suppers" to "razzle dazzle", delivering recipes with a wow factor for when there’s no time to slave over a hot stove. With delicious, yet simple, recipes, this is a new generation of fast food that everyone will want to cook and eat. With Nigella on hand, dinner need never feel like a chore again.

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Posted by CASA E CUCINA • 2y ago • Report
mmmmm yummy Nigella
Posted by Hassan4 • 3y ago • Report
wonderful Recips I like it
Posted by Ann231 • 2y ago • Report
I love Nigella's cooking shows, she loves to cook just like I love cooking, it is refreshing to see a mother like her enjoying feeding her family, and making such yummy recipes for larger families like mine who love flavour.
Posted by Ann231 • 2y ago • Report
I love Nigella's recipes, they are just right for a larger family like mine who love lots of flavour, I am looking forward to buying one or more of her recipe books this year.
Posted by DS149 • 4y ago • Report
Nigella gave her receipe on how to make the pancake mixture has any one got it please.
Posted by DS149 • 4y ago • Report
Has anyone got Nigellas pancake mixture receipe that she makes from scratch.
Posted by Mikalitza • 3y ago • Report
All i have to say is Awsommmmmmmmmmme
Posted by Rita86 • 3y ago • Report
she is a devine cook always delicious and everyday ingriedients
Posted by Kathryn110 • 3y ago • Report
Wish more recipes were on the web as can't always keep up with getting them down and don't always get to see her show
Posted by Kathryn110 • 3y ago • Report
Love her recipes that she makes look so easy