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About the Show

The search for a new MasterChef champion gets underway, as judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace return with 50 contestants all hoping to carry off the coveted title.

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Posted by Sandra179 • 40w ago • Report
Congratulations Natalie for winning Mastercher 2013
Posted by Sandra179 • 40w ago • Report
Congratulations Natalie for winning Masterchef 2013.
Posted by Warren27 • 42w ago • Report
I have always been a fan of British Master chef because the contestants were competing against their skills. Tonight I was aghast at teams and cook-offs etc. This is the stuff that happens on the Aussie version and is such trash. If it continues then I will not be watching.
Posted by nurse1 • 42w ago • Report
Fantastic. It's back. Love, Love this show - can't stand the Aussie version (and I'm an Aussie) which is all hype and look at me personalities and that's just the judges. Have already picked my favourites and will watch to hopefully see if one of them wins. Picked the last 2 winners.
Posted by Jennifer203 • 43w ago • Report
The British version of MC is SOOOOOO much better than the Aus version . Enjoying this
Posted by Janice • 49w ago • Report
I love MC but totally agree that the British version is much better. Wish free to air tv would should the uk version.
Posted by • 1y ago • Report
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE - just watched the first elimination for MasterchefUSA- the man who had the original concept must be turning in his grave. Dislike the 3 judges- supposedly no one was to be belittled on the show, these judges do very little else. what a shame, I can'twatch it - Ramsey doesn't fit in
Posted by Hot Chilli • 5y ago • Report
I watched the Aussie version last night and it was bad! The UK one is so much better. So glad I didn't enter it now :-)
Posted by jackicam • 5y ago • Report
Yeah, I wondered the same thing.Do they just get an empty trophy to take home or is it filled with cash?...or truffles maybe...
Got addicted to this show during the Easter marathon.... Thought Andy would win but was really glad Matt did.
Posted by jackicam • 5y ago • Report
Who comes up with our tv show concepts? Why aren't they sacked? If something ain't broke - don't fix it! I got really excited by the Aussie MC ads ... I should have known better.