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Barefoot Contessa

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Series 7 Episode Guide

Boss For Dinner

Series 7 · Episode 1

Ina’s invited her editor and old friend Stephen Drucker over for dinner with a bunch of her new colleagues.

Jeffrey's Treat

Series 7 · Episode 2

Jeffrey has some really great news--he's signed a book deal--so Ina's throwing him a surprise celebration dinner for two.

Girls Day Out

Series 7 · Episode 3

Ina enjoys a girls day off with two of her closest girlfriends. She prepares a pre-shopping snack before heading to Main Street for some serious retail therapy.

LA Story

Series 7 · Episode 4

Ina’s friends from Los Angeles are coming to town, which gives her the perfect excuse to whip up a classy supper.

Jeffrey Home Alone

Series 7 · Episode 5

Ina is going to be away for the night so she's cooking Jeffrey a great supper and breakfast to keep him well-fed in her absence.

Good Home Cooking

Series 7 · Episode 6

Ina's friend's daughter is studying hard at college, so she invites her and her two friends to her home for some fabulous home-cooked food.

Pooch Party

Series 7 · Episode 7

Even man's best friend deserves a treat on his birthday, and as it's Ina's friends' dogs' special day she decides to throw a party.

Ina's Take-Out

Series 7 · Episode 8

Ina’s friend Michael Grim, a florist, has been really busy at work, so Ina's decided to treat him to a portable three-course meal.

Black And White Party

Series 7 · Episode 9

Truman Capote wowed society with his Black and White Ball, and now Ina's wowing her friends with a Black and White Supper.

Tale Of Two Soups

Series 7 · Episode 10

Soup shouldn’t be confined to the starters — it’s a one-pot wonder that makes for a delicious, hearty meal that can be made in advance.