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Sammy and Bella

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These food-obsessed Sydney sisters find their cooking inspiration through family, friends and travel.

These food-obsessed Sydney sisters find their cooking inspiration through family, friends and travel.

About Sammy and Bella

There are very few home cooks that can claim to have impressed and blown the minds of several world renowned chefs. For Sydney sisters Sammy and Bella that is exactly what they did when they won the TV show My Kitchen Rules (series two). The girls took a gamble and both quit their jobs in the fashion industry to take part in the number one series, which has paid off and given them a head start in the food industry.

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Dry Marinade  

First of all thank you for such a detailed and easily understood answer to my previous question on "aging steak in the home fridge" . Now - is there a dry marinade process that I can use for both a...


Hi Sammy and Bella, My name is Gracie Brook. I am currently undertaking the class of VCE food and technology as a part of my final year 12 class at Padua. As part of this subject we have to create a...

Dream Sponge  

HI Ladies Can you possiblely send me the receipe for Dream Sponge. I did see you make it one day (a sickie from work) but I didn't copy it down. I wish we could see more of you two in the evening....

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